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Host Kevin O'Connor teams up with an electrician to install a home intercom system. Then Kevin, along with plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey, landscaping contractor Roger Cook and general contractor Tom Silva ask, "What is it?" Next, Richard helps a homeowner make a wood-burning fireplace cleaner and more energy efficient by installing a gas-burning insert.

Installing a residential intercom system

Kevin and an electrician help a homeowner install a new intercom system for his home. The intercom will help the homeowner communicate with people arriving at the front door, as well as other people throughout the house.

Where to find it?

The intercom installation was performed by:
Matthews Electric, Inc.

Scott installed a "Selective Call" Intercom System manufactured by:
Pass & Seymour/Legrand

What is it?

The guys try to guess the intended purpose of an unusual-looking product.

Where to find it?

Roger showed a large, plastic ball that is used for composting yard and household waste.

Installing a gas-burning fireplace insert

Richard and a fireplace expert helped a homeowner install a new gas insert in her wood-burning fireplace. With the electrical outlet already installed in the fireplace, the installer removed the old cap on the chimney and installed two steel liners, one for the fireplace intake and one for the exhaust. Next, Richard tapped into the existing natural gas lines and ran pipes up to the fireplace to feed the new insert. Finally, the connections were made to the fireplace and the installation was complete.

Where to find it?

Technical assistance and installation was provided by:
Energy Unlimited of New England, Inc.

John and Richard installed a 34 DVL by Fireplace Xtrordinair. It is manufactured by:
Travis Industries

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