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Landscaping contractor Roger Cook and plant expert Carrie Kelly discuss different types of groundcover. Then, plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey helps a homeowner warm up her cold living room by installing new hydronic baseboard heaters. Afterward, back at the workshop, general contractor Tom Silva shows host Kevin O'Connor a new product that makes it easier to mark and cut openings for electrical outlets in wallboard.

Choosing and planting groundcover

Roger and Carrie visit a nursery, where they discuss different types of groundcover for both sunny and shady conditions.

Where to find it?

Groundcover plants are available at nurseries, home centers, and garden centers, including:

Mahoney's Garden Center

Installing radiant baseboard heat

Richard helped a homeowner replace her old radiant baseboards with modern, copper fin baseboards. The new convective baseboard heaters provide much more heat per foot than the old radiant baseboards.

Where to find it?

"Convective" or "copper fin" baseboard heaters are available at plumbing supply houses and some home centers.

Manufacturer: Slant/Fin Corp.

Marking the Locations of Utility Boxes

Tom shows Kevin a new tool for marking the location of an electrical outlet box on the back of a sheet of wallboard.

Where to find it?

Mark-n-Cut™ Transfer Sheets
Manufacturer: Mark-n-Cut™ LLC

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