Ask This Old House TV // Season 10 // Episode 14

Ask TOH | Front Door, Rebar

General contractor Tom Silva heads to Atlanta to help a homeowner install a solid oak front door. Then Tom, along with host Kevin O'Connor, landscape contractor Roger Cook, and plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey ask "What Is It?" Afterward, Roger shares several tips for driving rebar into the ground.

Installing a New Front Door
Tom teaches a homeowner how to install a new front door.

Where to find it?
Oak doors like the one Tom installed may be custom ordered at lumber yards and building supply stores.

To install the lock set, Tom used a lock installation kit manufactured by Dewalt

What is it?
Tom asks the guys to identify a strange plastic item with two white columns.

Where to find it?
The ShuVee ultra-violet shoe sanitizer is manufactured by Angel Sales and available from several online retailers.

Viewer Tip: Driving RebarRoger shows a few ways to drive rebar into the ground.

Where to find it?
All of the materials in this project, including ¾" PVC pipe, 2x4" lumber, and hammer drills are available at home centers and hardware stores.

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