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Landscaping contractor Roger Cook joins plant expert Carrie Kelly at a nursery to learn about container gardening. Then, up in the loft, general contractor Tom Silva and host Kevin O'Connor discuss different types of flooring, including solid wood, engineered wood, ceramic tile, vinyl, and linoleum. Next, Kevin and a television antenna expert help a homeowner install a new rooftop antenna for his digital TV.

Container Gardening

Roger joins plant expert Carrie Kelly at a nursery to discuss how to design and grow container gardens.

Where to Find It?

Roger visited plant expert Carrie Kelly at a nursery near Boston, Massachusetts.
Mahoney's Garden Center
242 Cambridge St
Winchester, MA 01890

Flooring Options

Up in the loft, Tom showed Kevin different flooring options including solid wood, engineered wood, ceramic tile, vinyl and linoleum.

Where to find it?

All of the flooring options that Tom showed are available at most home centers and from the following manufacturers:


Armstrong World Industries, Inc.

Dal-Tile Corporation


Du Pont


Installing a TV antenna

Kevin and an expert helped a homeowner by installing a new television antenna on his roof. To select the proper antenna, the installer entered the homeowner's address into a website. The website identified a color-coded antenna and the installer matched it to a color chart on the box. Up on the roof, they started by attaching the "mast" to the chimney using metal chimney straps. Next, they connected new coaxial cable to the antenna and mounted the antenna onto the mast. Then they ran the cable into the attic through a nearby vent and connected it to a splitter, which will feed TV signals to multiple television sets. Finally, cable was fished down through an exterior wall and connected to the living room TV set.

Where to find it?

The digital TV antenna that Kevin and an expert installed was manufactured by:


Installation support was provided by:

Choate Systems Installation, LLC
476 Route 13 South
Suite C
Milford, NH 03055

More information about digital video antennas can be found at the following websites:

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