Ask This Old House TV // Season 12 // Episode 01

Ask TOH | Bulkhead, Recirc Pumps

The twelfth season of Ask This Old House begins with Kevin teaching the guys how to use Twitter. Tom replaces an old, rusted bulkhead door. Richard discusses several ways to get hot water without waiting. And the guys ask "What Is It?"

Replacing a Bulkhead Door
Tom replaces an old, rusty bulkhead door with a new one.

Where to find it?
Tom installed an RD model door, manufactured by Gordon Corporation

What Is It?
Roger shows a red plastic ball with a steel loop and the guys try to guess its intended use.

Where to find it?
The "Red Sphere" traps are used to prevent apple maggots from destroying fruit trees. They are manufactured by Contech.

Recirculation Pumps
Richard shows several types of recirculation pumps, which are designed to get hot water to a faucet faster.

Where to find it?
The recirculation pump with a built-in check valve, timer, and aquastat is model no. UP-10. The recirculation pump that installs near a water heater but does not require a separate recirculation line is the Comfort System (model no. UP-15). Both are manufactured by Grundfos

The pump that monitors and repeats your water use patterns is the SmartPlus pump. The pump that installs under a lavatory and does not require a separate recirculation line is the D'Mand System. Both of these are manufactured by Taco-HVAC

Expert assistance with this segment was provided by Urell and Emerson Swann.

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