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Ask TOH | Bathroom Vanity, Insulation

Plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey helps a homeowner update the look of her bathroom by installing a new vanity cabinet, countertop, and sink. Then Richard, along with general contractor Tom Silva, landscaping contractor Roger Cook, and host Kevin O'Connor ask, "What is it?" Afterward, Tom and Kevin discuss several different types of wall insulation and how each is installed.

Replacing a Bathroom Vanity

Richard helped a homeowner replace an old, outdated-looking vanity in her master bathroom. First, he disconnected the supply and drain pipes and removed the old vanity cabinet, laminate countertop, and sink. Next, Richard and the homeowner went to a home center, where the homeowner selected a new vanity cabinet, a new granite countertop with under-mount sink, and a new faucet. They then returned to the house where Richard rerouted the old copper supply pipes to fit inside the new vanity. Next, he drilled two holes in the bottom of the vanity for the supply pipes and cut a notch in the back to accept the drain pipe. Richard also cut an opening in the side of the vanity to accept an electrical outlet that had been installed in the old vanity. Next, Richard soldered shut-off valves onto the pipes and fastened the cabinet to the wall. Richard then fastened the new granite countertop and sink to the top of the vanity, made the supply and drain connections to the sink, and the installation was complete.

Where to Find It?
Richard installed a new vanity cabinet, granite countertop with under-mount sink, and faucet.

Vanity: Gallery Newport White 36" x 21" x 33.5"
Countertop and sink: Pegasus, Black Granite
Faucet: Kohler Forte Brushed Nickel

All four items were purchased at:
The Home Depot

What Is It?
The guys try to guess the intended purpose of an unusual-looking product.

Where to find it?
Richard showed an ECOlight™ Water Powered Shower Light.

It is manufactured by:
Osram Sylvania

Wall Insulation
Up in the loft, Tom and Kevin discussed different types of exterior wall insulation and how they're installed, both for new construction and retrofit situations. The materials included liquid spray foam, recycled denim batts, fiberglass batts, blown-in fiberglass, and cellulose. Installation of vapor retarders over insulation was also discussed.

Tom showed Kevin a variety of materials used for insulating exterior walls, including:
Fiberglass Batts (faced & un-faced), blown-in fiberglass and liquid foam (open & closed cell).
Manufacturer: CertainTeed Corp.

Recycled denim batts
Manufacturer: Bonded Logic, Inc.

Blown-in cellulose
Supplier: Kamco Supply Corp. of Boston

Additional assistance provided by:

Anderson Insulation (installers of several insulation types)
706 Brockton Avenue (Route 123)
Abington, MA 02351

Joseph Lstiburek, building scientist
Building Science Corp.
30 Forest Street
Somerville, MA 02143

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