Ask TOH | Accessible Garden Bed, Roof Vent Repair

Landscaping contractor Roger Cook builds a raised garden bed that is accessible by wheelchair. Then, general contractor Tom Silva shows a homeowner how to repair a leak in his roof caused by a worn-out plumbing vent gasket.

Building a wheelchair-accessible garden bed

Roger helped a homeowner build a wheelchair-accessible raised vegetable garden. He used landscape timbers infused with glass that are resistant to rot and insect damage.

Where to find it?

Roger installed landscape timbers infused with a non-toxic sodium silicate solution that prevents rotting and insect damage.

TimberSIL® GlassWood
Manufacturer: TimberSIL Products

Roger sealed the ends of the landscape timbers against moisture with a liquid, wax-based product.

Manufacturer: UC Coatings Corp.

Roger's two landscaping apprentices participate in YouthBuild Boston, a nonprofit organization that provides opportunities for students to build career and life skills via hands-on, innovative programs such as construction training and sustainable landscape design.

YouthBuild Boston

Additional information on building accessible gardens was provided by:

Alpha One Enterprises

Repairing a leaky plumbing vent on a rooftop

Tom helped a homeowner who had water leaking into his ceiling. The water was entering near a plumbing vent that penetrated the roof. The plumbing vent was weather-sealed during installation with a rubber gasket, but the gasket had cracked and failed over time. To fix the problem, Tom simply glued another rubber gasket over the existing one with a special sealant made for roofing applications.

Where to find it?

Tom installed a rubber repair gasket around the plumbing vent, over the existing flashing.

Rain Collar for No-Calk® roof flashings
Manufacturer: Oatey®

Tom used a special type of roof sealant to glue the new rubber gasket over the old one.
Geocel 4500® Roof Bonding Sealant
Manufacturer: Geocel, LLC

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