Arlington Italianate | Soapstone, Oval Frame

Countertop contractor Michael Parodi sets up in the side yard to create the final edge detail for our soapstone countertops. Upstairs, Kevin finds tile contractor Mark Ferrante at work in the kids' bath cutting down 12-inch square ming green marble tiles to make more decorative smaller pieces. He installs them in a running bond pattern for a crisp looking wainscoting. Norm visits the oldest continuously operating mill site in America where David Graf makes an oval mirror frame for our house using 150-year-old power tools. Back at the project house, Kevin finds Tom in the basement scribing new oak stair treads to the old fieldstone foundation wall. Norm watches the last piece of soapstone go in, then gets a lesson in how to darken the stone using a mixture of carnauba wax and walnut oil.

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