Arlington Italianate | Old House Discoveries

Richard investigates a curious Arlington Heights landmark as Fred Laskey from the MWRA explains why the locals dressed up their water tower to resemble an obscure Greek Temple. Back at our house, Tom shows Kevin what demolition revealed: a hidden back staircase, great new ceiling height in the kitchen, and decent framing that can be reused in the former office. Upstairs, the discoveries are not so good: the second floor joists in the former full bath are badly compromised. The plan is to beef up the structure by sistering in joists from below, but first, they must remove the old stairs from the second floor all the way down to the basement. At Portland, Maine's Victoria Mansion, one of the grandest and best-preserved examples of Italianate-style architecture in the U.S., Tim Brosnihan shows Norm the hallmarks of the style and how preservation carpenters like Caleb Hemphill are diligently working to restore and preserve this architectural gem. Back in Arlington at our humble Italianate, Roger relocates a massive rhododendron from the front to an elevated bed in the backyard.

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