Arlington Italianate | Italianate Inspiration

Paint color consultant Bonnie Krims explores some historically informed options for the exterior of our Italianate style home, while Norm and Tom patch in the holes in the old oak veneer floors left from moving around walls and duct openings. Richard presents a solution to the ugly PVC intake and exhaust pipes that come out of a typical boiler. Today, because we are installing a new, more efficient boiler, we can use a smaller, flexible exhaust pipe in the old chimney that has a smart-looking integrated cap, allowing us to use the chimney itself for the fresh air intake. Kevin meets interior designer Christine Tuttle at an 1870 Italianate style home in Dedham, Massachusetts, to see how work she recently completed there echoes what we might do at our house. Back in Arlington, Tom oversees an army of subs working to finish up the roughs so he can insulate, and upstairs, he shows Kevin the places where he likes to see radiant heat used the most: exterior walls, bathroom floors, the shower walls, and even within the shower bench seat.

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