Arlington Italianate | Getting to Level

Things have definitely opened up at the Arlington project. Tom shows Kevin the new floor plan and explains the system he devised to ensure a flat ceiling in the newly expanded kitchen. In the latest chapter of the finished basement saga, Norm finds Tom working with mason Mark McCullough to level out the existing concrete floor with the help of a pressurized hydrostatic altimeter and self-leveling concrete. Roger and homeowner Heather Faulds welcome landscape designer Cricket Beauregard to discuss options for the front yard and to see some of her other work in the neighborhood: shade gardens, woodland paths, privacy screening, and hardscape options. With the door openings all established, it is time for the window openings, and one of the spaces begging for a new window is the front hall. Tom and Norm cut in the opening from the outside, install the new window, and show the many steps to properly flashing a window the Tom Silva way.

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