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Stencil Ideas File

Photo by Kolin Smith

Borders are just the beginning—there's no limit to the way that stenciled details can add visual variety and interest to a room. Play with patterns of different sizes and scales, or design a single motif for a special spot that instantly personalizes your space.

Allover Pattern

Photo by Andrew Cameron/IPC Images

A sprigged motif in muted sage repeated across a wall mimics the look of wallpaper, forming a sophisticated and serene backdrop for bold patterns in the room.

Single Detail

Photo by Simon Upton/Loupe Images

Keep it simple by sticking to one strategically placed motif. The oak-branch design creates a focal point above a handsome wood door, and the pattern's green-and-brown color scheme harmonizes with the room.

Borders and Details

Photo by Mel Yates/IPC Images

An entryway gets a boost from traditional borders painted along areas where moldings and casework meet walls. The additional larger details on the stairway wall draw the eye upward and emphasize the architecture of this space.

One Pattern at Different Scales

Photo by Jessie Walker/Cornerhouse Stock

A sprightly row of blossoms in two different sizes floats across a blue wall, giving the effect of seeing the blooms set against the sky. Painted the same creamy white as the furniture, the pattern helps unify this charming space.