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Understanding Chainsaw Safety Features

Ask This Old House landscape contractor Roger Cook explains safety features built into all chain saws


  1. Chains aws are some of the most dangerous tools to use. If you feel uncomfortable or uncertain handling one, hire a professional.
  2. Always wear appropriate safety gear when operating a chain saw. A hard hat, ear protection, safety glasses, face mask, gloves, safety chaps, and sturdy shoes are a must.
  3. The chain brake is right in front of the handle and prevents injury caused by kickback.
  4. The chain catcher is at the bottom of the saw and is designed to grab the chain if it were to come loose from the bar.
  5. The trigger lock prevents the chain saw from accidentally turning on. The saw will only operate if both the trigger and the lock are activated at the same time.

Chain saws can be purchased or rented at most home centers and landscape supply stores. All chain saws have the same safety features included with them, regardless of the type of chain saw it is.