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A Closer Look at 5 Cordless Circular Saws Available Today

Like many carpenters today, custom post frame builder Kyle Stumpenhorst relies heavily on cordless tools. Here’s a look at some of Kyle’s favorite cordless saws

Cordless tools have come a long way, especially in the past few years. Thanks to advanced battery technology and improved motor electronics, seasoned homebuilders like Tim Uhler (@awesomeframers) are building entire houses almost exclusively with cordless tools. Custom post framer Kyle Sumpenhorst (@rrbuildings) is no different. In this video, Stumpenhorst takes a closer look at five of the top-performing cordless circular saws based on his experience. He discusses the pros and cons of the saws, explaining when he picks up which one and why. Whether you prefer a blade-left or blade-right saw, a worm-drive-style or traditional sidewinder, there’s a configuration out there for you.