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Colonial Van Lines is a nationwide moving company that can pack and transport your personal belongings anywhere in the continental U.S.

This family-owned and operated company has over 50 years of experience in the moving industry, and it promises to give its customers great service. Colonial has a mobile app and customizable services.

To help you with your search for reputable moving companies in your neighborhood, the This Old House Reviews Team reviewed Colonial Van Lines to help you determine whether the company is the right choice for your next move.

Our Take on Colonial Van Lines

The This Old House Reviews Team has scored Colonial Van Lines a 73 out of 100. We do not recommend Colonial Van Lines.

Colonial Van Lines promises to provide its customers with a professional experience. It offers many resources to make moving easier.

This includes its mobile app, in which you can get a quote for your next move, order moving supplies, add special instructions for handling your items, and view a moving checklist to prepare for your move. The Colonial Van Lines app is available on Android and iOS devices.


Pros & Cons of Colonial Van Lines

In our review of Colonial Van Lines, we identified the biggest pros and cons of the company:

✔ Over 50 years of experience in the moving and storage industry
✔ The team is licensed and insured for long-distance moves
✔ Services to move anywhere in the Continental United States
✔ Mobile app to manage your move
✘ Many locations mean an inconsistent level of customer service
✘ No locations in Hawaii or Alaska


Colonial Van Lines Services

Colonial Van Lines provides various moving services for homeowners and renters all around the country. Here are a few details about what you can get from the provider:

Long-Distance and Cross Country Moves

The Colonial team can help move your belongings across state lines or across the country. On its website, the company states that its team can take your belongings anywhere in the United States; however, Alaska and Hawaii are not listed as covered states.

Packing Services

Colonial offers flexible package options to meet your needs. You can request that your movers pack a single item, your kitchen, or the whole house. The team works to carefully pack each item, making sure to bring along all the necessary packing materials like bubble wrap, special wrapping paper, and quality blankets. These services also include taking furniture apart to fit safely in the moving van.

Corporate Relocation

This service can help businesses move an employee (or a whole team) to a new location.

Storage Services

Moving customers can add on short-term or long-term storage solutions if their belongings cannot be delivered to the new home right away.

Additional Moving Resources

On its website, Colonial Van Lines also provides its customers with resources like the Moving Checklist, which breaks down tasks for movers to prioritize leading up their move, and a place to order moving supplies.


Colonial Van Lines Availability

Colonial Van Lines provides moving services to 48 states across the country. You can find a Colonial branch in every state except Alaska and Hawaii.

To learn more about the company’s locations, visit its website. There, you can view a list of the states in its service area. When you click on your home state, you can read more about the services offered in your state and find a service provider near you.


Colonial Van Lines Cost

Before hiring a moving professional to assist you, you must find out how much their services will cost you. Each provider has its own methods for quoting, so it’s always a good idea to compare a few different providers’ prices.

The cost of moving services from Colonial Van Lines is not published on the site, as it will vary by customer. However, the company claims to offer fair prices to its customers. When you request a quote, your customer service representative will consider many factors to determine your costs.

Factors Affecting Colonial Van Lines Rates

Here are some of the factors that can affect the cost of your moving package:

  • How many belongings you have, measured in weight
  • The distance of your move (over state lines or cross-country)
  • Additional storage solutions after the move
  • Special care for fragile or specialty items
  • Moving date (services may be more expensive on weekends or a holiday season)

Included in your quote will be the cost of fuel, labor, insurance surcharge, and applicable taxes. For more information, visit the company’s website.


Colonial Van Lines Booking Process

If you are interested in getting started with moving services from Colonial Van Lines, there are a few ways to request your free quote. You can call the customer service line, or you can utilize one of Colonial’s online methods.

On its website, fill out the service request form. It asks you to provide the company with information about your move, including your desired moving date, starting location, and your new destination.

Customers can also use the Colonial Van Lines mobile app to get a quote. The In-Home Estimator feature allows for an even more accurate quote because you’re going through the inventory of your entire home.

After you submit your information, Colonial will send you an email with your quote. Then, give the company a call when you’re ready to finalize scheduling your move. The company suggests that homeowners and renters start planning their move months in advance.


Colonial Van Lines Customer Reviews

Before you hire a moving company, it’s often a good idea to research its reputation by reading through customer reviews.

Colonial Van Lines is not accredited with the Better Business Bureau. Because it has locations around the country, each will have its own review listings and ratings. To discover what you can expect from this company, it’s best to take a look at the locations closest to you.

Here are some Colonial Van Lines customer reviews:

“We [moved] from New York to Virginia. Upon arrival, 90% of our fragile kitchen items…were broken. The piano is gauged…and the bench is completely destroyed. Same goes for our desk… After submitting a 2-page claim with over 50 photos, they will reimburse $172…If you at all value your possessions, do not use this company!!!”

-Angela O. via BBB

“I used Colonial Van Lines for a move across Los Angeles recently. They were great. Prompt, friendly, and quick. [The] crew was fantastic. Can’t recommend them enough. They made a stressful situation easy.”

-Andrew K. via Google

Is Colonial Van Lines Best for You?

Colonial Van Lines offers customizable packing and moving services. You can choose the options you need, like full-house packing and storage solutions. It’s a good option for moving services, with only a couple of drawbacks.

The team promises to treat your belongings with care and provide great customer service; however, many online reviews show an inconsistent level of service across its many locations. Some customers were extremely satisfied, while others complained about issues like damaged belongings.

Also, the Colonial mobile app makes getting a quote convenient, but there is no mention of shipment tracking for your actual moving day.

With each location varying widely on reviews, we recommend checking with your local Colonial Van Lines representative before making a final decision. We recommend getting a quote from one of our top rated moving companies.

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