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Best Moving Companies in Louisiana

If you are making a local, long-distance, or international move to Louisiana—or are planning to leave the Bayou State—our guide will help you compare top moving companies based on cost and services.

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There are few states with cultures as distinct as Louisiana. From the brass bands of the Big Easy to the low-country fare of Lake Charles, the Bayou State is steeped in Creole and Cajun traditions.

If you plan to relocate to the Bayou State—or perhaps move from Louisiana to another locale—the first step is to pick the best professional moving company for your specific needs.

Selecting from among the dozens of major movers can be an overwhelming task, so we’ve taken some of the stress out of the process by researching the best moving companies across the country and narrowing them down to be top picks for Louisiana. Each moving provider featured in this review has been evaluated on a number of factors, including services, pricing, and customer service.

Louisiana’s 6 Best Moving Companies

Through in-depth research, we determined that the best moving companies in Louisiana are as follows:

The moving companies highlighted in this review were evaluated based on key factors like cost, services, and customer satisfaction. Since the cost of your move will depend on distance, as well as the size and date of your move, we recommend requesting a free quote from at least three moving companies to better compare pricing and services in your area.

International Van Lines

With an extensive network of local movers and a large fleet of trucks, International Van Lines (IVL) is a top option for those making a long-distance relocation, although the company is fully equipped for local and in-state moves, as well. Customers can opt for add-on services like vehicle transport and short- and long-term storage to customize their moving experience. IVL can also accommodate the transport of specialty items, such as pianos, motorcycles, and antiques, at reasonable rates.

International Van Lines is a good fit for anyone seeking a traditional full-service mover, especially those who have rare or high-value items like family heirlooms, fine art, and antiques. IVL offers comprehensive coverage in the form of all-risk insurance and total-loss insurance.

International Van Lines Pros & Cons

✔ Gives military and senior citizen discounts

✔ Provides a breakdown of associated moving costs on its website so customers are prepared for any additional fees on moving day

✔ Builds custom-fit crates for large or oddly shaped items

✘ Charges a 25% up-front deposit

✘ Will not move bulky items that aren’t stackable without an additional charge of $150


International Van Lines provides a full-service moving experience, handling packing and unpacking, as well as loading and unloading. IVL utilizes moving blankets and protective pads to prevent damage to your home and your items. The company will also disassemble most pieces of furniture and reassemble them at your new home.

Available with the purchase of packing services, all-risk insurance covers the full value you claim on your belongings at a cost of 4% of the declared value. Total-loss insurance is provided to customers who opt for self-packing; it provides full reimbursement of your items, but it comes with more coverage limitations. Total-loss insurance costs 2% of the declared value of your items.

International Van Lines’ services include:

  • Special handling for fitness equipment, pianos, and/or other large valuable items
  • Full and partial packing
  • Custom crating
  • Optional temporary storage
  • Vehicle relocation
  • Moving kits and supplies
  • Moving checklist
  • Furniture disassembly and reassembly
  • Moving calculator
  • Optional temporary storage


Full- or partial-service plans are available through IVL, allowing for a customized moving plan that fits within your budget. Your moving quote will include mileage, fuel, and tolls. Factors that could impact the total cost of your move with International Van Lines include where and when you are moving, as well as the size of your move, and the purchase of any optional services.

One benefit of International Van Lines is its transparency with associated moving fees. The company lists the cost and frequency of each individual fee on its website at a per-item level. For example, IVL applies industry-standard elevator and stair fees to moves that require crews to use either or both to transport items from your home. Each of those fees is a one-time charge of $75.

The company requires an upfront deposit of 25% of your total estimate. The company also offers a military discount that averages between 10% and 15% of your total moving cost. Payments can be made with a credit card or cash.

Request a free quote from International Van Lines through this online form.

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American Van Lines

American Van Lines (AVL) is an experienced full-service mover specializing in long-distance relocations. The company stands out for its well-trained moving staff and is therefore a potential option if you are concerned about safe handling and transport of your items to or from Louisiana. AVL employs all moving crew members full-time, and they are required to complete ongoing training on how to best move bulky or irregularly shaped items like fitness equipment.

For an additional cost, AVL can guarantee your items will arrive on a certain date and within a specified time frame. While it does come with an added fee, the service is unique, as most moving companies give a broad range (often, 12–15 days) for delivery.

American Van Lines Pros & Cons

✔ Provides optional climate-controlled personal storage units with 24-hour surveillance

✔ Offers price-matching

✔ Has moving crews specifically designated for handling antiques and pianos

✘ Cannot accommodate local moves within Louisiana

✘ Will not give instant moving quotes online


Available in the 48 contiguous states, American Van Lines offers full-service and partial-packing options as well as moving supplies, storage, and custom crating for local, long-distance and international relocations.

American Van Lines’ services include:

  • Packing and unpacking
  • Moving supplies
  • Loading and unloading
  • Climate-controlled storage
  • Furniture disassembly and reassembly
  • Auto-shipping
  • Moving checklist and online resources
  • Online shipment tracking
  • Full-valuation coverage


American Van Lines provides fixed-rate estimates and therefore won’t give instant quotes online or over the phone. For a fixed-rate quote, the company reviews an itemized list of household items and calculates the cost of moving those items to your new location. That cost is broken down into a detailed estimate that will be locked in as your moving cost if you decide to hire AVL.

Factors used to determine a binding estimate include the distance of your move, the layout of your home, the total weight of your household items and furniture, and gas prices.

To secure a moving date, American Van Lines requires a 10%–50% deposit. The company will honor competitor pricing and accept payments in credit cards, cash, and checks.

Complete this quick questionnaire or call 877-960-3186 to get started with American Van Lines.

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Allied Van Lines

If you help moving your car and/or boat into or out of Louisiana, Allied Van Lines may be worth considering. Allied owns and operates its own fleet of car carriers. This means that you will have direct contact with the company responsible for transporting your vehicles.

Allied offers two types of carriers: open and enclosed. An open carrier is a more affordable option but keep in mind that it exposes your vehicle to the elements during transit. An enclosed carrier, on the other hand, is more expensive but also provides full protection from severe weather conditions and roadway hazards. Allied’s carriers can accommodate cars, SUVs, trucks, vans, RVs, and boats.

Allied Van Lines Pros & Cons

✔ Offers no-deductible vehicle coverage of up to $100,000

✔ Provides discounts to first-time homeowners

✔ Can disconnect and reconnect your appliances

✘ Charges you in full a week before your actual moving date

✘ Doesn’t provide 24/7 claims support


Basic moving packages with Allied Van Lines include: an assigned relocation consultant; loading, transport, and unloading of your items; and minimum protection coverage. Allied offers a number of add-on options, including vehicle shipping and storage. The company also accommodates partial moves through services like fragile-only packing and moving kits. The company’s website includes an online multimedia library of moving resources and tips.

Allied Van Lines’ services include:

  • Specialty handling of antiques, pianos, and fine art
  • Fragile-only packing
  • Debris removal
  • GPS shipment tracking
  • Mobile app
  • Full-valuation coverage of items
  • Short-term storage (up to 90 days) for items in transit
  • Furniture disassembly and reassembly
  • Vehicle relocation
  • Appliance disconnection and reconnection
  • Moving checklists and online resources
  • Packing supplies


Factors that could impact the total cost of your move with Allied Van Lines include the time of year you are moving, where you are moving, the size and weight of your items, and any optional services you add.

Allied will give you a flat-rate price, or binding estimate, after completing an in-person or virtual assessment of your home and its contents. The process for determining a binding estimate includes a detailed look at the layout of your home and identification of any items that may be difficult to move, as well as features that may make moving more complicated, such as narrow hallways or steep staircases.

A binding estimate is the amount you can plan on paying on moving day, so there are no surprise charges or fees. However, miscalculating your inventory or adding items after you receive your binding estimate could increase overall costs, so it’s important to be as thorough as possible during the home assessment.

Allied Van Lines does not require an upfront deposit and accepts cash, credit cards, and certified checks.

Take this brief online survey or call 877-483-9424 to get started with an estimate from Allied Van Lines.

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North American Van Lines

North American Van Lines is a full-service moving company available in all 50 states and more than 130 countries worldwide. The company maintains a network of more than 500 local movers to accommodate local, long-distance, and international moves of all sizes. However, not all moving companies are the same, so your overall experience may vary based on where you live and which North American Van Lines network agent assists you with your relocation.

North American Van Lines offers an easy online or over-the-phone claims process, which provides an added level of assurance to customers making large long-distance moves. Should you need to file a claim for damaged, destroyed, or missing items, forms are available directly on the homepage of the North American Van Lines website. The company also has dedicated customer support lines for domestic and international claims for those who prefer to speak to a representative.

North American Van Lines Pros & Cons

✔ Trains drivers through an interactive simulator

✔ Has a tool on its website for calculating how many boxes your move will require

✔ Offers Not-to-Exceed Pricing that ensures that on your moving day you may pay less—but never more—than your estimate

✘ Has limited storage options, depending on where you live

✘ Requires a deposit of 25% to book your move


With a range of full- and partial-service options, North American Van Lines gives customers the opportunity to customize their moving package. The company offers three main packing options for long-distance moves: full-service, fragile-only packing, and self-packing. Those who choose to handle their own packing can purchase supplies directly through North American Van Lines.

As an experienced long-distance and international mover, North American Van Lines provides other services, such as crating, short- and long-term storage, and vehicle transport. For those making a relatively small local move, hiring the company for support services could prove more cost-effective than a DIY approach.

North American Van Lines’ services include:

  • Vehicle relocation
  • Short- and long-term storage
  • Long-distance moving
  • Fragile-only packing
  • Moving calculator
  • GPS tracking
  • Loading and unloading
  • International moving
  • Mobile app for logging inventory
  • Local moving
  • Moving checklists
  • Advice and assistance for DIY packers
  • House cleaning


The company offers a flat-rate price following a thorough in-home estimate, as well as full-value insurance coverage. The cost to move with North American Van Lines depends on the number and types of add-on services you may need, such as storage and vehicle relocation. Other factors that affect pricing include the overall distance of your move, the services you select, and your shipment’s total weight.

If you are moving a short distance, North American Van Lines may be able to provide a relatively inexpensive move, provided you take a bare-bones approach to services and take care of the packing yourself. Regardless, the company will work with you one-on-one to help get your total moving cost down to an amount within your budget.

North American Van Lines also offers discount programs to American Legion members and members of unions. The American Legion membership discount program applies to post members and their families and provides up to $100,000 in replacement coverage protection on household items while in transit for a bottom-line savings of $850. American Legion members who sign up for NAVL’s discount program also receive access to exclusive moving and storage discounts, non-peak rates year-round, and guaranteed quotes.

The company offers a similar program to members of unions and their families that consists of up to $50,000 replacement coverage (a savings of $560) and all perks provided to Legion members, with the addition of packing discounts.

North American Van Lines doesn’t require an up-front deposit and accepts cash, credit cards, and certified checks.

Complete this quick questionnaire or call 877-624-0912 for a free quote from North American Van Lines.

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JK Moving

JK Moving specializes in long-distance moves and offers industry-standard full-service options, as well as add-on services, such as storage, vehicle shipping, and special handling for fragile and/or high-value items. The company does not provide local moves within Louisiana.

JK Moving is unique in its in-house financing, a service most moving companies do not provide. Through a partnership with Enhancify, JK Moving has rates as low as 0% same-as-cash, depending on credit approval. It is important to pay attention to the interest rate JK Moving offers you since a higher interest rate could increase the total cost of your move. The company does not provide instant online quotes and only offers binding estimates after an in-person or virtual home assessment.

JK Moving Pros & Cons

✔ Has comprehensive coverage to protect your belongings

✔ Trains moving crews through an onsite full-sized home

✔ Provides 24/7 customer support with live agents

✘ Will not honor lower prices from competitors

✘ Only handles local moves in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C.


Although limited with local moves, JK Moving can provide full-service long-distance and international moving packages. The company offers packing and unpacking and loading and unloading, as well as more specialized services like vehicle relocation, storage options, and handling of difficult items, such as pianos.

JK Moving has full-replacement-cost insurance, which covers the full value of your items. Insurance can be adjusted to fit the approximate value of your inventory.

JK Moving’s services include:

  • Short- and long-term storage
  • Customized crating
  • Special handling of fitness equipment, pianos, fine art, and antiques
  • Full-replacement cost insurance option
  • Moving checklist and online resources
  • Customized packing services
  • Packing and moving supplies
  • Transportation and delivery
  • Government and corporate relocations


As with most moving companies, JK Moving considers the distance of your move, total weight of your items, specialty items, number of crew members needed, and any additional services you purchase.

JK Moving tailors moving packages to its customers and does not give sample pricing on its website. A relocation specialist will work with you to determine a detailed estimate, which will include loading and unloading, partial packing (i.e., disassembly and wrapping of furniture), and comprehensive insurance coverage.

Complete this short online survey or call the company at 571-487-8929 to get started with JK Moving.

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PODS does not provide packing and loading services but specializes in moving container delivery and transport for local, long-distance and international moves. PODS rents its steel containers on a monthly basis, making it a good option for people who want to take more time to pack, load, and move their belongings. You can also temporarily store your container in a secure PODS storage center in Louisiana or one of the other 45 states where PODS storage is available. PODS currently does not provide service in Alaska, Montana, North Dakota, or Wyoming.

Since PODS does not provide direct moving assistance, the company is best suited for those who do most of the heavy lifting themselves. However, PODS can recommend professional movers if you need help loading and unloading your containers.

PODS Pros & Cons

✔ Is equipped to ship cars, trucks, SUVs, and boats

✔ Gives customers up to 30 days to load and unload their containers

✔ Offers containers in 8-, 12-, and 16-foot sizes

✘ Will not give online quotes for long-distance or interstate moves

✘ Will not prorate your bill if you use your container for fewer than 30 days


PODS containers are available in sizes of eight feet, 12 feet, and 16 feet. A 16-foot container is ideal for homes up to 1,200 square feet, or roughly the equivalent of three to four rooms’ worth of furniture and household items. PODS also offers full-value coverage, adjusting your coverage amount to match the total value of your belongings.

PODS’ moving services include:

  • National moving
  • Carrier liability insurance option
  • Local and regional moving
  • Monthly storage option
  • Professional third-party mover recommendations
  • International moving


PODS operates on a flat monthly rental fee schedule, so you won’t receive a prorated amount for using your container for less than 30 days. The company also offers discounts, such as free delivery and up to 15% off rent with the purchase of at least three months of storage for customers who are moving locally (less than 50 miles). The company gives only local moving quotes online. For long-distance moves, you must call to receive your free quote. Quotes are valid for up to seven days and include the first month rental fee for your containers, as well as delivery and pick-up charges.

PODS accepts all major credit cards. Acceptance of cash and check payments varies by location.

To get started with PODS, fill out this online quote form for local moves within Louisiana.

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Before hiring a mover, you should make a list of the specific services you want or need and determine your budget. If you are looking for a full-service moving company, you may want to consider American Van Lines or International Van Lines. If you want a cost-effective solution, a DIY alternative like PODS could be a good fit. It’s important to get quotes from at least three different movers in order to better compare prices. Also, be sure to carefully review what basic services your quotes include.

Comparing the Top Moving Companies in Louisiana

Provider Get Quotes Local Long-Distance Labor Included
Provider Get Quotes Local Long-Distance Labor Included
International Van Lines Free Estimate
American Van Lines Free Estimate
Allied Van Lines Free Estimate
North American Van Lines Free Estimate
JK Moving Free Estimate
PODS Free Estimate

Other Considerations When Moving in Louisiana

Our Rating Methodology: How We Chose the Best Moving Companies

The This Old House Reviews team is committed to providing comprehensive and unbiased reviews to our readers. This means earning your trust through transparent reviews and having the data to back up our ratings and recommendations. Our rating system for moving service providers is on a 100-point scale based on 7 factors:

  • Moving Services (30): Does the company offer its services for local, long-distance, and or international moves?
  • Additional Services (29): What additional services does the company provide, such as packing and unpacking or loading and unloading?
  • Coverage (10): Does the company offer any additional insurance plans, such as full-value coverage?
  • Scheduling (7): Are customers able to schedule online, over the phone, or on both platforms?
  • Trailers/containers (7): How many trailer or container sizes does the company offer?
  • Additional Benefits (12): What additional benefits does the company provide, such as storage options, moving truck rentals, and financing?
  • Reputation (5): What rating does the company feature on popular review sites like the Better Business Bureau (BBB)?

Frequently Asked Questions About Moving Companies in Louisiana

How far in advance should I schedule movers?

Typically, you should give a moving company 15 to 30 days advance notice of your preferred date for a long-distance relocation. This will allow time for a moving consultant or coordinator to conduct in-home or virtual visits of your home and for you to ensure your inventory list is complete and comprehensive.

There is slightly more flexibility with local or intrastate moves. For those, seven to 10 days should be sufficient. But remember that the more time you give yourself and your moving company, the more efficient your move is likely to be and the fewer surprises you’re likely to have on your bill.

What should I do with my pets on moving day?

Ensuring your pets are safe and secure on the day of your move starts with planning ahead. It may be worth the money to invest in a sturdy, high-quality pet carrier that will be comfortable - and comforting - to your four-legged family member. Talk to your veterinarian if your pet has any anxiety issues and, if relevant, research and book pet-friendly hotels in advance. On the day of the move, keep your cat or dog quietly and comfortably out of the way, perhaps in a guest bathroom.

Do I need to tip my movers and, if so, how much?

While professional moving companies do not require customers to tip, tipping crews on moving day is customary. Because tipping isn’t mandatory, there is no set amount or standard to determine the appropriate amount. A common rule of thumb for tips is approximately $5 per hour for each crew member. So, the tip for a crew of three movers who completed a local move in six hours would be $90, or $30 per mover.

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