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Clever Uses for Extra Wallpaper

Give an old furniture piece a new lease on life with leftover wallpaper

Dress Up a Dresser

Photo by Barb Blair

Designer Barb Blair, who snagged the dresser shown here at an estate sale, has become a pro at this type of makeover. Start with a plan: Map out where you need to cut by laying the paper flat on the furniture, then use a utility knife to trim pieces to the precise size. Instead of wallpaper paste, which can soak into wood, Blair recommends craft adhesive. For a polished finish that helps keep the paper in place, add a few coats of polyurethane before replacing the hardware.

Wallpaper makeover: Barb Blair, Designer/Owner, Knackstudio

Wallpaper: Foxen by Holli Zollinger

Create a Backdrop

Courtesy of

Papering the back of a thrift-store hutch with a subtle geometric pattern nods to its mid-century roots and highlights display items on the open shelves.

Wallpaper makeover: RoomMates

Wallpaper: Striped Hexagon Peel and Stick Wallpaper

Dress Up Drawers

Courtesy of

Covering the sides, inside and out, as well as the bottoms of drawers offers a glimpse of sumptuous color and pattern while providing a functional liner.

Wallpaper makeover: Crazy Wonderful

Wallpaper: Milton & King