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7 Sneaky Storage Hacks

Slacking on spring cleaning? These hidden storage tricks will be your spacious saviors

Space-Saving Tricks

Need a place to put your belongings to keep them out of sight? We have some space-saving solutions for you! Keep reading to find out the best ways to hide many miscellaneous items.

Usable Toekick Space

Nobody wants wasted space. Make use of those few inches where kitchen drawers end and the floor begins by turning them into a toekick drawer. It's the perfect size for pesky pans and platters. The space under your kitchen drawers will be wasted no more! Details at Tikkido

More Than an Ottoman

Photo by Laura Moss

This ottoman isn't just an ottoman. It serves as a coffee table and a seat and also has a spacious storage area under the surface—the perfect place to pile blankets when they are not being used, and for less than $300 you can make it yourself. Details at This Old House

Artistic Jewelry Area

This sly clutter-saver gives you a special spot for all your jewelry. Valuables will be exceptionally safe because they'll be concealed behind a beautiful piece of art. No one will know your jewelry is there, and you won't have to deal with a dresser covered in tangled beads, jewels, and chains. Details at Design Sponge

No-Mess Mudroom

Photo by Jurgen Frank

Is your mudroom a mess magnet? A bench like this has a shelf up top, hooks in the middle, and space at the bottom. You can slide shoes underneath it so that they don't take over the floor. For extra room, look for a bench with a seat that lifts, revealing a storage area. Details at This Old House

Unseen Electronics

Are your electronics an eyesore? Here's a way to tuck them away: Hidden in medicine cabinet–style storage, behind a piece of art, are a router, a modem, and more. Details at Apartment Therapy

Built-in Bench Drawers

Photo by Laura Moss

Cluttered entryway? Clean it up with this multipurpose bench. The three-drawers disguised as a seat serve the purposes of comfort and convenience, all while staying sleek. Details at This Old House

Clever Counter Cutlery

Photo by Alise O'Brien

If you're running low on counter space, you can easily create some with this trick. Say good-bye to the typical knife block and make one that sits flush with the counter instead, using the dead space behind the cabinets. Details at This Old House