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Installing Metalwork

Photo by Anthony Tieuli

Jason Senior installs the zinc-coated copper on this eyebrow window at TOH's 2017 Idea House in Rhode Island.

Overlapping Metal

Photo by Anthony Tieuli

The eyebrow window is made of several pieces of zinc-coated copper that hook together with metal tabs. Rosin paper is placed over the existing metal to keep it scratch- and dent-free.

Securing the Metal

Photo by Anthony Tieuli

The edge of the zinc-coated copper sheets is folded over and underneath the drip edge to lock it in place.

Removing Excess

Photo by Anthony Tieuli

After bending the metal over the drip edge, the excess will be trimmed with shears.

Creating Drip Cap

Photo by Anthony Tieuli

Here, Jason is using a tin-knocker’s hammer to create a drip cap on the eyebrow window.

Tin Knocking

Photo by Anthony Tieuli

To keep the metal bent in place, Jason hits the metal to make a square mark, in a meticulous hand-done process called tin knocking.

Crimping the Metal

Photo by Anthony Tieuli

The overlapping fold creating the drip edge is finished with the use of a metal crimping tool.

Prepping the Metal

Photo by Anthony Tieuli

Stay Tuned!

Here, Jason is soldering the joint closed. This project took one day to template, one to fabricate in the shop, and a third day of installation, according to builder Jeff Sweenor.

Keep following the Idea House progress for more behind-the-scenes photos, and catch the big reveal in the October issue of This Old House magazine.