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Gathering Materials

Photo by Anthony Tieuli

The 1x6 v-notch pine for the walls comes in long pieces that will have to be cut to size.

Preparing the Ceiling

Photo by Anthony Tieuli

The Beach House is ready for walls and ceilings! In this upstairs room along the stairwell, Chris Manchester is making a beveled miter cut for the v-groove ceiling.

Installing Wall Panels

Photo by Anthony Tieuli

In order to leave the wall paneling smooth and unscathed during installation, Riley Partridge uses a beater block, a scrap piece that fits over the tongue.

Moving Up the Stairs

Photo by Anthony Tieuli

The progress continues up the wall near the stairs. "Notice the mitered cut to match the stair skirt," builder Jeff Sweenor says.

Fastening the Panel

Photo by Anthony Tieuli

Here, Partridge is installing a blind fastener to the tongue of the v-groove paneling.

Keeping the Panel Level

Using a level, we make sure courses align on either side of the window.

Nearly Complete

After successfully installing the v-groove paneling across most of the window near the stairs, Partridge stands with the level that helped him get the job done.

Adding Final Pieces

Photo by Anthony Tieuli

The longer lengths of v-groove are being installed above the window.

Completed Project

Photo by Anthony Tieuli

This wall took about one day’s worth of work, according to builder Jeff Sweenor. Keep following the Idea House progress for more behind-the-scenes photos, and catch the big reveal in the October issue of This Old House magazine. Until then, you can check out what’s going on inside and out on the TOH webcams!