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Preparing Gypsum Board

Photo by Anthony Tieuli

Builders at the Rhode Island Idea House continue progress on the house by beginning the plasterwork. They’re sporting drywall stilts in order to apply fiberglass mesh tape to the joints in the gypsum board. Then, a skimcoat of plaster can be applied.

Continuing the Process

Photo by Anthony Tieuli

More gypsum board joints are bridged by application of fiberglass mesh tape and prepped for plaster throughout the Idea House.

Securing Drywall

Photo by Anthony Tieuli

Near the stairs, drywall is being attached to the wood frame with 1¼ inch drywall screws.

Up and Away

Photo by Anthony Tieuli

Here, workers don the drywall stilts once again to screw in pieces higher up on the frame.

Plastering the Bedroom

Once the gypsum board has been fastened in the Idea House bedroom, the plaster can be applied.

Stay Tuned!

Photo by Anthony Tieuli

Keep following the Idea House progress and catch the big reveal in the October issue of This Old House magazine. Until then, you can check out what’s going on inside and out on the TOH webcams!