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Starting the Shingling

Photo by Anthony Tieuli

The detailed and patterned process of applying cedar shingling is tedious. But, based on the looks of the progress, the final product will be gorgeous! Start to finish will take about six weeks, according to builder Jeff Sweenor.

Adam Spink is just getting started on the gable end of the house by installing the white cedar shingles with stainless steel staples.

Tongue and Groove Trim

Photo by Anthony Tieuli

Here, you can notice more of the details surrounding the shingles on our 2017 Idea House, like the tongue and groove trim and the zinc-coated copper window sill.

In a Day’s Work

Photo by Anthony Tieuli

Installing the shingles at the 2017 Idea House is made more meticulous by some of the architectural details. According to Sweenor, this photo details a day’s worth of shinglework.

Installing the Shingles

Spink is perfecting the shingles, getting the house ready for its big reveal! Keep following the Idea House progress and catch the big reveal in the October issue of This Old House magazine.