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Preparing the Porch

Photo by Anthony Tieuli

"The deck at the Idea House in Rhode Island is being built outward from the corners," says Jeff Sweenor, the builder for our 2017 Idea House in East Matunuck, Rhode Island. Here, Ben Fontaine is miter cutting for the AZEK porch flooring. It should take about a week to complete.

Building from the Corners

Photo by Anthony Tieuli

Eric Marcotte continues to build outward from the corners of the deck, adding a blind fastener into the tongue of the porch flooring.

Securing the Flooring

Photo by Anthony Tieuli

“This close-up shows the blind fastener going into the tongue of the flooring,” Sweenor says. Marcotte fastens with a stainless-steel trim head screw, installing one at each end and then every 16 inches.

Blind Fasteners

Photo by Anthony Tieuli

As shown here, the trim head screws are installed with an impact driver.

Installing F-Channel

Photo by Anthony Tieuli

Here, Jeremie Cabecieras is installing F-channel, “which is a flashing detail for where the siding meets the porch flooring,” Sweenor says.

Adjusting the F-Channel

Photo by Anthony Tieuli

This close-up shot shows how Sweenor’s team treats the F-channel in a corner, adjusting it so that it has an overlap.

Sizing the F-Channel

Photo by Anthony Tieuli

According to builder Jeff Sweenor, the F-channel has to be resized at the corners. All cuts are made by hand with a pair of diagonal tinsnips.

Laying the Decking

Fontaine and Cabecieras continue to make progress on the porch. The reveal of the 2017 TOH Idea House will be in the October 2017 issue of This Old House magazine. Stay tuned!