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10 Ways to Build a Better Chicken Coop

To safeguard your flock, make sure their permanent shelter is up to snuff

How to Build a Murphy Bed for Your Dog

A mutt-sized Murphy bed hides your dog's crash pad inside a fetching built-in cabinet

How to Plan a Dog Cleaning Station

A dedicated washing area for your most dedicated friend makes bath time a breeze

10 Pet-Friendly Home Projects

Give your furry friends a little extra attention with these easy-to-build DIY pet projects

How to Build a Dog Crate

This functional dog crate keeps Fido at bay—and makes a great end table too

How to Build a Wall-Mounted Pet Organizer

Hooks for leashes, a dressed-up bag dispenser, and a toy shelf keep dog-walking supplies close at hand

How to Build a Dog Gate

A solid-wood DIY gate is a practical upgrade for the well-trained dog—and your home's decor

How to Build a Dog Ramp

This simple DIY project is a dream come true for pooches who have a hard time jumping into bed at night

A Craftsman-Style Doghouse

A bungalow in miniature, complete with wood-shingle siding and a cedar-shake roof for a lucky dog named Gumpy From the popular magazine feature, ''A Doghouse Like Your House''

How to Build a DIY Dog Agility Course

Build this easy-to-assemble agility course for your dog, and watch him get happier, healthier—and smarter

How to Make Your Home Pet Friendly

Make your home safe and comfortable for furry, feathered, and finned friends

8 Palaces for Small Pets

No matter how small the animal, some people think very big when creating a home for their pets

Pet Safety and Home Renovation

Your pet's home is your home. As stressful as a renovation is for you, it's even moreso for your pet. Get advice from the pros on how to make home projects easier on Fido and Whiskers

A Doghouse Like Her House

Inspired by our story, one Florida homeowner builds a prize-winning pad for her best pal.