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Best Pest Control Companies in Fort Lauderdale, FL (2022)

Find out which companies are the best for safe and effective pest control for Fort Lauderdale homeowners.

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If you live in Fort Lauderdale, you probably already know that South Floridians experience unique pest control challenges. To tackle the multiple species of ants, roaches, and other common pests found in Florida, you’ll need a knowledgeable and reputable pest control company. The best pest control companies in the industry can send a technician to quickly diagnose your pest problem and formulate a plan of action for protecting your home.

In this article, we’ll review some of the top pest control providers in the Fort Lauderdale area, including nearby Palm Beach and West Palm Beach. We’ll also provide information on how to get a free quote. This article is meant to assist you in your own research. We recommend getting several free quotes from around the industry to make the most informed decision.

Top Pest Control Companies in Fort Lauderdale

  1. Best Overall: Terminix
  2. Best for Urgent Service: Orkin
  3. Most Customizable: Aptive
  4. Florida Pest Control Center
  5. Hulett Environmental Services
  6. Anteater’s Pest Control

Best of the Best Fort Lauderdale Pest Control Companies

If you’re looking for a comprehensive pest control service, Terminix is a great choice. For urgent service, we recommend calling Orkin. For customizable solutions, Aptive is our top pick.

1. Best Overall: Terminix

Terminix is among the largest pest control companies in the nation, and it is our top overall pick for pest control in Fort Lauderdale. An industry leader, Terminix continues to research and develop cutting edge pest control solutions with a team of professional entomologists.

✔ Year-round protection

✔ Treats for termites

✔ Offers home disinfecting services

A Terminix pest control plan will begin with a home inspection, during which your technician will identify weak points in your home and the source of your pest infestation. You’ll receive service throughout the year for a total of four treatments.

Terminix offers its customers 24/7 support over the phone, and you can manage your account on Terminix’s mobile-friendly website. It also offers customers its Ultimate Protection Guarantee, meaning it won’t stop until your home is completely pest-free.

A Terminix plan costs between $445 and $700 per year. To learn more about Terminix and get a quote, fill out this form or call 866-569-4035.

2. Best for Urgent Service: Orkin

Orkin is another national reputable pest control company and is our top choice for homeowners who need quick service. Orkin has more than 115 years of experience in the pest control industry, and its wide network of technicians allows it to offer next-day service to customers who request service by 2 p.m. This can be a life-saver if you discover an untimely infestation.

✔ Next day service available

✔ Flexible scheduling

✔ 30-day money back guarantee

Orkin’s general pest control services can protect both the interior and exterior of your home. With this seasonal plan, a technician will visit your home several times over the course of a year, ensuring a pest-free home for you and your family. Orkin also offers several specialized treatments, such as insulation installation, fumigation services, lawn care, and termite control and monitoring.

An Orkin plan costs on average $575 per year. If you need fast service, get a quote from Orkin by filling out this form or calling 877-868-1416.

3. Most Customizable: Aptive

Aptive was founded in 2015, but it has already grown into the eighth-largest pest control provider in the United States. Aptive offers a single plan, its fully customizable Four-Seasons Protection Plan. Some treatments use the natural pesticides found in chrysanthemums.

✔ Partners with the United Nations’ Nothing But Nets campaign to stop the spread of malaria

✔ Offers seasonal treatments

✔ Provides free re-service if pests return

Aptive’s pest control plans begin with a home inspection where an initial treatment is performed. Aptive will continue to treat your home four additional times over the course of a year.

In general, an Aptive plan costs between $560 and $620 per year.

4. Florida Pest Control Center

Florida Pest Control Center (FPCC) is one of Broward County’s leading local pest control services. Like many of its larger competitors, FPCC utilizes an Integrated Pest Management approach, which avoids using pesticides unless absolutely necessary. With these techniques, your air and water quality will be higher, and you and your family will be safer.

FPCC offers a variety of pest control plans, including a bi-monthly service coverage that treats for most common pests. FPCC can also handle bed bugs and termites. Its bed bug extermination process is also pesticide free, utilizing heat to kill bed bugs.

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5. Hulett Environmental Services

Hulett serves only South Florida, but its home and business customers can enjoy benefits that are usually available with national providers, such as 24/7 customer service. Hulett employs several graduate-level entomologists and commits to providing cutting-edge pest control while remaining environmentally friendly.

Hulett believes that pest prevention is more valuable than trying to exterminate pests that are already in your home. Hulett’s Healthy Home Program focuses on preventing pests from entering your home in the first place. The process has three steps:

  1. Exclude pests from entering your home
  2. Remove things in your home that may attract pests
  3. Create a hostile living environment in case a pest does enter

With full-service pest control, lawn treatments, and many other services available, Hulett is a top choice for Fort Lauderdale residents.

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6. Anteater’s Pest Control

Anteater’s Pest Control has served South Florida for more than 30 years and is family-owned and operated. In addition to treatments that are affordable and safe for the entire family, Anteater’s also offers emergency service for urgent pest control needs. In addition, all technicians are fully licensed, so you can trust their expertise when diagnosing your pest problems.

Anteater’s Pest Control performs treatments on residential lawns to rid them of pests and prevent pests from migrating from your lawn to your home’s interior. Ants are a major pest in South Florida, and Anteater’s can treat your home and lawn to exterminate seven different species of ants.

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Compare Pest Control Companies

Provider Terminix Orkin Aptive
Provider Terminix Orkin Aptive
Get a Quote
Our Overall Score out of 100 98.5 94 91
Superlative Best Customer Service Best for Urgent Service Most Customizable
States Available 47 47 25
Annual Cost for General Pest Control $445–$700 $575 (average) $560–$620
BBB Rating* B- A+ A-
Online chat
Phone number 866-569-4035 877-868-1416 -

* Better Business Bureau (BBB) ratings are accurate as of April 2021.

Our Recommendation

Terminix, Aptive, and Orkin are three reputable pest control companies who all serve the Fort Lauderdale area. Terminix is our top overall provider, due to its satisfaction guarantee, wide range of services, and reliability. Orkin is available in 47 states, and its highly trained technicians can serve your home on short notice. Aptive’s pest control begins with a home inspection and is tailored to your specific needs.

Additionally, the local options above offer excellent service. We recommend weighing your options by getting a quote from each to learn about pricing and scheduling info.

Common Pests in Fort Lauderdale

South Florida’s hot and humid climate makes for pleasant winters. But it also creates an environment where insects thrive. There are several common household pests in Fort Lauderdale to consider when hiring a pest control company. Make sure that any company you may hire can treat for these pests:

Why You Should Hire Exterminators in Fort Lauderdale

Pests can be an inconvenience and make your home unwelcome to visitors, but they can also spread disease. It’s important to rid your home of pests as quickly as possible if you suspect an infestation. Many pests are notoriously difficult to kill without professional help. Attempting to exterminate a difficult pest on your own can end up costing time and money.

If you hire a pest control service, a specialist will come to your home, detect the problem, and come up with a course of action. Technicians at Aptive, Orkin, and Terminix are all highly trained and certified. We recommend reaching out to each company to hear more about their pest control plans.

How To Choose Pest Control in Fort Lauderdale

If you’re searching for the right pest control company, consider the following factors.

  • Type of pest — If you know what type of pest has invaded your home, make sure your provider is able to treat that specific pest.
  • Cost — Each provider will offer different levels of service for different prices, so we recommend getting quotes from multiple companies in your area.
  • Schedules — Find out how often your pest control company performs treatments. Some companies offer one-time treatments, while others perform several treatments over the course of a year.
  • Reputation — We recommend reading customer reviews before purchasing pest control. If you notice that a certain provider consistently receives negative feedback and has angry customers, it may be wise to hire another company.

Pest Control Companies Methodology

In our independent review, dozens of pest control companies were researched and graded using this scale:

  • Plan options (35): Every home and every pest problem has its specific needs when it comes to prevention and remediation. Companies with multiple plans and service offerings were given higher scores than those without.
  • State Availability (5): Where you live determines which providers are available. Companies available in more states were rated higher than those with less.
  • Trustworthiness (15): We consider companies that offer service guarantees and others more trustworthy and therefore scored higher.
  • Customer Service (35): This factor is based on our own research from calling providers, as well as their availability and guarantees for responses.
  • Additional Benefits (10): Companies who offer things like information about the products they use, have an app for customers, and other benefits were given higher ratings.

Fort Lauderdale Pest Control Frequently Asked Questions

What is Integrated Pest Management?

Integrated Pest Management, also known as IPM, is a holistic approach to pest control that limits the use of pesticides in an effort to reduce environmental and health risks of traditional pest control methods. It has been widely embraced by the pest control community and proven to be effective.

Do I need pest control?

You may be able to tackle a pest problem on your own, but a professional pest control service will be able to do the job more effectively. Hiring a pest control service can provide peace of mind. A reputable company will be able to identify the source of the problem and quickly take actionable steps to restore your home.

Is Orkin available in Fort Lauderdale?

Yes, Orkin offers both residential and commercial pest control services to Fort Lauderdale residents.

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