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The Best Pest Control Companies in Indianapolis, IN (2022)

After noticing signs of an infestation in your Indianapolis home, you’ll need to research the best pest control companies to determine the right solution for your problem. Read this guide to save time and money.

A pest control specialist wearing a green shirt and black pants walks the perimeter of a green backyard spraying pest control solution with a gold wand alongside a red brick wall. Courtesy Aptive

Indianapolis is one of many major U.S. cities where homeowners can experience year-round pest problems. The city is home to annoying critters like mice and rats as well as damaging bugs such as termites and bedbugs.

To make your decision easier when considering calling in professionals, we’ve researched the best pest control companies in Indianapolis to save you precious time and money and get your infestation taken care of as soon as possible. The top three companies below offer special discounts and benefits for This Old House readers. You can get started on a quote now and take advantage of those offers.

Top 6 Pest Control Companies in Indianapolis

The highest-rated pest control companies that service the Indianapolis area include:

  • Terminix: Best Overall
  • Orkin: Best for Urgent Service
  • Aptive: Most Customizable
  • AAA Exterminating, Inc.
  • Action Pest Control
  • Affordable Pest Control


With a total ranking score of 98.5 out of 100, we think Terminix is the best overall pest control provider. It features treatment plans for all of your needs, from regular service to specific termite or bedbug relief. Additionally, customer service is available 24/7, and you get access to an impressive service guarantee called the Nix Pest Guarantee™, making them an exterminator to rely on.

Pros & Cons

✔ Offers free inspections for custom termite and pest control plans
✔ Offers a Nix Pest Guarantee™ that assures return service or refunds if the pest infestation comes back
✔ Hires Terminix exterminators that are members of the Entomological Society of America with professional knowledge of entomology
✘ One-time service fee is more expensive than that of other companies

Terminix’s standard pest control treatment plans typically cost between $550 and $700 annually from the sample quotes that we viewed for our review.

Areas serviced: Alexandria, Anderson, Arcadia, Atlanta, Carmel, Cicero, Elwood, Fishers, Fortville, Frankton, Ingalls, Kempton, Lapel, McCordsville, Markleville, Noblesville, Pendleton, Sharpsville, Summitville, Tipton, Windfall, Arlington, Bargersville, and Beech Grove. To view the full list of available areas, visit the website.

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Visit Site: Request Terminix Inspection


Customers that have a pest emergency and need the fastest service possible should look to Orkin. The company scored a 94 out of 100 in our rating and in-depth review. It has the ability to offer same-day service for This Old House readers that call or reach out before 2 pm. With more than 100 years of experience, these experts are worth your consideration as you decide on an exterminator.

Pros & Cons

✔ Been in business for over 100 years with 1.7 million customers across the country
✔ Uses highly trained and certified specialists for each visit
✔ Guarantees customer satisfaction with each plan with a 30-day money-back refund
✘ No online chat
✘ Not available in AK, SD, and WY

We found the average cost to typically come to $575 per year on standard treatment plans based on the sample quotes we received during our research.

There are two Orkin branches in the Indianapolis area that serve a large surrounding radius. One is located in the city, and the other office is in Zionsville, Indiana.

Areas serviced: Avon, Beech Grove, Brownsburg, Camby, Carmel, Crawfordsville, Danville, Fishers, Fortville, Franklin, Greencastle, Greenfield, Greenwood, Lebanon, Martinsville, McCordsville, Mooresville, New Castle, New Palestine, Noblesville, Plainfield, Rushville, Shelbyville, Westfield, Whiteland, and Zionsville

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Visit Site: Request Orkin Inspection


Aptive scored a 91 out of 100 for its tailored pest control treatments and commitment to giving back to the community. It offers one comprehensive pest control plan that includes an initial home inspection and four seasonal treatments.

Pros & Cons

✔ Committed to giving back with regular donations to charities
✔ Open to free off-schedule service calls
✔ Has an Aptive Assistant mobile app as a helpful technological resource
✘ Has limited nationwide availability
✘ Customers mention aggressive sales tactics

Our sample quotes for Aptive’s Four-Seasons Protection Plan fell between $560 and $620 per year.

This provider’s location in Indianapolis can be found right off I-70 east of the city, and it services the larger metropolitan area.

Learn More: Aptive Review

AAA Exterminating, Inc.

For those looking for a solid family-owned and operated exterminator that’s local to the greater Indianapolis area, AAA Exterminating, Inc. is a great place to start. In addition to discounts for various services, the company also includes helpful resources to customers on its website. In addition, AAA Exterminating emphasizes the importance of building personal relationships with its customers, assigning each one with a specific specialist for all visits.

The company has been around since 1952 and operates out of Noblesville, Indiana, but offers service in many surrounding areas of Indianapolis. It sells general pest control, termite control, and specialized bedbug treatment plans.

Areas serviced: Bloomington, Brownsburg, Carmel, Fishers, Greenfield, Greenwood, LaFayette, Noblesville, Terre Haute, and Zionsville

Action Pest Control

Action Pest Control is a bigger name than the other local businesses, but features a local office in Indianapolis. The company offers convenient and effective pest management solutions in the form of three separate plans. It also provides special service for ants, spiders, and rodent control for particularly bad infestations.

The Complete Plan offers the best protection that includes exterior, interior, and termite service. This is the best well-rounded plan, but comes at a higher price than the others. The Advanced Plan covers the management of the interior and exterior of your building, and the Essential Plan strictly focuses on cobweb removal and exterior pest defense at your property.

Areas serviced: Anderson, Avon, Beech Grove, Bloomington, Carmel, Danville, Greenwood, Lawrence, New Palestine, Noblesville, Speedway, and Zionsville

Affordable Pest Control

Affordable Pest Control is our final choice as a family-owned local business serving the Indianapolis area. Its options include a residential pest control that’s focused on keeping your family safe from dangerous and annoying pests with treatment plans for roaches, bedbugs, and rodents. It also offers similar pest solutions for commercial businesses to keep your operations smooth and your customers happy.

There are three primary packages offered by this provider. The Bronze Package is primarily focused on exterior pest control and cobweb removal. The Silver Package includes extermination of most common bugs and rodents in the interior and exterior areas of your home or building. The Gold Package includes all of the interior and exterior defense of the Silver Package, but adds special termite inspection and monitoring service.

The company is also open to discussing your specific pest needs to build a custom package at a unique price point if needed. There isn’t a quote tool on the website, but the location in Indianapolis can offer quotes on addresses in the area via phone or email during business hours.

Compare Top Pest Control Companies

Our Recommendation

Picking the right pest control company for you takes consideration of a variety of factors. However, we recommend Terminix and Orkin as good, well-rounded choices, all currently offering deals for This Old House readers. Selecting a smaller, local business can be worthwhile to get a personal touch from your provider’s customer service, but may not be quite as reliable as the bigger well-known names in the industry.

Common Pests in Indianapolis

Look for signs of common pests in your Indianapolis home to help determine what treatment plan you may need to purchase from a provider. Here are typical creatures that you may find invading your home throughout the year:

  • Bedbugs: These are one of the most difficult bugs to get rid of, so looking out for signs like feces stains and blood in your sheets or on your mattress is critical, so that you can hire a pest control company to take care of it as soon as possible.
  • Bees: Stinging insects such as bees and wasps can be particularly dangerous to children or those allergic to their stings. They can develop hives throughout your yard, preventing safety when going outside.
  • Beetles: Although typically harmless, beetles can become a nuisance in and around your house if the population is not kept in check. Additionally, some species feed on and destroy vegetation, so they could certainly need extermination to protect your garden or house plants.
  • Rodents: If you notice any chewing through your walls or wiring, you may have a problem with mice and rats invading your home. These critters can be dealt with through trapping strategies, and exterminators can provide all the tools you need to get rid of them.
  • Cockroaches: One of the most hated household pests are roaches for their annoying behaviors, living in your kitchen near open access to food and water. They can be dangerous to your health by carrying various diseases.
  • Termites: These colonies settle in the foundation or walls of your house, and the thousands of inhabiting termites eat through your dry wood, causing damages that often need repairs or replacements.
  • Spiders: Though typically not dangerous, spiders can be a nuisance to your home by filling up walls, windows, and doorways with webs.

Why You Should Hire Exterminators in Indianapolis

Hiring an exterminator can be a smart decision to help eliminate pest invasions in your home. There are two primary instances that should make you consider extra help with pest management. First, if you have an infestation of pests like termites or bedbugs, it may be necessary to bring a professional into your home to get rid of them, since DIY efforts typically aren’t enough. Second, if you’re looking for peace of mind to maintain a pest-free, comfortable living space, hiring an exterminator to perform regular maintenance and preventative care can be a smart investment.

You’ll find reliable providers from both nationally-known brands and smaller local businesses in this guide. For the most reliable service and a good starting point for your search, we suggest looking to popular providers like Terminix and Orkin.

How to Choose Pest Control in Indianapolis

Before you make a decision on a pest service, you’ll need to pin down what’s most important to you in your situation. For example, if you’re only having an issue with termites, a regular treatment plan may not be necessary, since you’ll mostly need a specialized termite extermination. Here are a few things to consider when thinking through your primary decision-making factors:

  • Type of pests: What pest are you worried about? If you have a bedbug infestation, you’ll need a different service than if you were just looking to maintain your pest-free home with regular visits from a specialist.
  • Plan schedules: Your choice for a pest control company and plan can revolve around how often you want a technician to visit. Some plans send an exterminator a few times a year, whereas others may visit once per month.
  • Cost: Your budget should always be considered when looking for any home service, including pest control. Getting quotes from a few providers will help you narrow down how much you’re willing to spend on a plan.
  • Guarantees: Many companies like Terminix and Aptive offer a promise that they will return to service your house if the problem returns before the next scheduled visit. This can give you peace of mind that your provider will always take care of your pest issue.
  • Reputation: You should always read reviews about each company before making your final decision, since some customers may warn against its service. If reputation is particularly important to you, we suggest sticking to a well-known, national brand like Terminix, Orkin, or Aptive.

Indianapolis Pest Control FAQs

Who is better, Orkin or Terminix?

Terminix and Orkin are our top two picks for pest control in Indianapolis, but each for a different reason. For the best overall service and treatment plans, we like Terminix, whereas, Orkin offers outstanding urgent exterminations with same-day visits when you call before 2 p.m. You can read our comparison review for more details.

Is Indianapolis pest control expensive?

Pricing for pest control services can vary depending on the selected treatment plan, property details, and level of infestation. However, we found that annual prices in Indianapolis for the providers that we’ve featured typically fall between $500 and $1,000.

Are termites a problem in Indianapolis?

Termites infest homes all across the country with their resilient colonies that feed on dry wood in the structure of your building. Unfortunately, Indianapolis is no exception. Termites are a common pest found in many Indiana houses.

How do I know if I need pest control service?

Look out for habitation signs of common pests in your home to determine whether or not calling an exterminator is necessary. For example, if you think you may have bed bugs living in your room, hiring a pest control service is urgent and necessary before the problem gets out of hand.

Pest Control Company Methodology

The This Old House Reviews Team is committed to providing unbiased and comprehensive reviews for our readers. This means earning your trust through transparency and having the data to back up our ratings and recommendations. With that in mind, we spent time creating an objective rating system to score each best pest control company. Here’s what that review process looks like:

  • We contact every pest control company via phone and online chat (if available), talking to representatives. We get quotes, ask questions, and fully understand each company’s pest control plans.
  • We test the customer service, including factors such as wait times, friendliness, and problem-solving ability.
  • We check and update all of the data and metrics on the companies on a regular basis to ensure we have the most current and accurate information.

With all of that data, we created a rating system to score each pest control company. Our rating system is a weighted, 100-point scale on the following factors:

  • Plan options (35): Every home and every pest problem has its specific needs when it comes to prevention and remediation. Companies with multiple plans and service offerings were given higher scores than those without.
  • State Availability (5): Where you live determines which providers are available. Companies available in more states were rated higher than those with less.
  • Trustworthiness (15): We consider companies that offer service guarantees and others more trustworthy and therefore scored higher.
  • Customer Service (35): This factor is based on our own research from calling providers, as well as their availability and guarantees for responses.
  • Additional Benefits (10): Companies who offer things like information about the products they use, have an app for customers, and other benefits were given higher ratings.

In total, the This Old House Reviews Team reviewed over 40 companies to select this list of the best pest control companies. Our researchers check and update our data on all 40 companies each month to ensure the most accurate information.

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