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The Best Pest Control in San Diego, CA (2022)

The best pest control services in San Diego are performed by industry leaders with decades of experience, like Terminix, Orkin, Aptive, and Rentokil, and other local pest control providers. Keep reading to learn more.

A pest control technician treats the inside of a home Adobe

San Diego homeowners will likely deal with pests like termites, roaches, and ants. While many cities have drywood termite issues in the spring and fall, San Diego experiences these pests almost all year long because of the warm weather. Hiring a professional pest control company might be the answer.

Some of the best pest control companies in San Diego are Terminix, Orkin, Aptive, and Rentokil. Each of these companies has the equipment, products, and expertise to protect homes from common household pests. Additionally, there are some local pest control providers native to San Diego that may be able to help address and resolve your pest issue.

Top 7 Pest Control Companies in San Diego

The highest-rated pest control companies in San Diego, California, include:

  • Terminix
  • Orkin
  • Aptive
  • Rentokil
  • Thrasher Termite & Pest Control
  • Lloyd Pest Control
  • Clark Pest Control


We give Terminix a score of 98.5 out of 100 and think it’s the best overall pest control company. Terminix is known for its termite control services, but the pest control company also covers over 12 common household pests, in addition to specialty pests like bed bugs and ticks. Terminix’s roster of pest control specialists include certified members of the Entomological Society of America and graduate-level entomologists.

✔ Serves 2.8 million customers nationwide
✔ Has been in the business for more than 90 years
✔ Online chat function for real-time customer service
✘ One-time service fee is more expensive than that of other companies

A general pest control plan from Terminix costs about $550 to $700 per year.

Areas Serviced: Alpine, Bonita, Boulevard, Campo, Chula Vista, Descanso, Dulzura, Imperial Beach, Jacumba, Jamul, La Mesa, Lemon Grove, National City, Pine Valley, Potrero, Spring Valley, Tecate, El Cajon, La Jolla, Lakeside, Santee, San Diego, Coronado, and San Ysidro.

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Visit Site: Request Terminix Inspection


We give Orkin a score of 94 out of 100 and think it’s the best pest control company for urgent service. Its general pest control plan protects against almost 20 common household pests, plus bed bugs and termites—tackling the wood-eaters with proprietary Orkinfoam.

✔ Highly trained experts who undergo 160 hours of targeted training
✔ Integrated Pest Management approach covers everything from pest identification to treatment and monitoring
✔ Serves 1.7 million residential and commercial customers nationwide
✘ No online chat
✘ Not available in AK, SD, and WY

A general pest control plan from Orkin costs roughly $575 per year.

Areas Serviced: Bonita, Brawley, Calexico, Carlsbad, Chula Vista, El Cajon, El Centro, Encinitas, Escondido, Fallbrook, Imperial, Imperial Beach, La Jolla, La Mesa, Lakeside, Lemon Grove, National City, Oceanside, Poway, Ramona, San Diego, San Marcos, San Ysidro, Santee, Spring Valley, Valley Center, and Vista.

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Visit Site: Request Orkin Inspection


We give Aptive a score of 91 out of 100 and named it the most customizable for consumers, as the company can customize plans based on specific pest control needs. Aptive protects against a variety of pests, including roaches, spiders, fleas, stinging insects, silverfish, and more.

✔ If you have issues in between visits, Aptive will come to your home at no extra cost
✔ Offers a Four Seasons Protection Plan involving an initial visit followed by quarterly applications
✔ Is committed to giving back to the community
✘ Has limited nationwide availability
✘ Customers mention aggressive sales tactics

A general pest control plan from Aptive costs between $560–$620 per year.


Global pest control company Rentokil has regional divisions like Western Exterminator, J.C. Ehrlich, and Presto-X that combine Rentokil’s extensive resources with regional expertise. Its Integrated Pest Management services see through every step of the pest control process.

Rentokil has nearly 100 years of experience building expertise to combat the nearly 40 common household pests covered in its Pestfree365 programs—the most comprehensive general pest control program of the top pest control companies we reviewed. A general pest control plan from Rentokil costs between $600–$1,220 per year. We give Rentokil a score of 89.5 out of 100.

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Thrasher Termite & Pest Control

Thrasher Termite & Pest Control offers residential and commercial pest control services that target termites, fleas, bed bugs, ants, rodents, and mosquitoes. Thrasher is a QualityPro accredited company—the highest accreditation available in the pest management industry. The companies that earn this accreditation meet 16 different standards that exceed mandated state and federal requirements.

Not to mention, Thrasher has a referral program, where current customers can refer friends and receive a $25 Visa Rewards card. If you need immediate service, the company offers same-day services.

Quotes not available through This Old House.

Lloyd Pest Control

Lloyd Pest Control has been serving San Diego residents since 1931. Offering residential and commercial pest solutions, Lloyd Pest Control protects against a variety of pests, including termites, crickets, earwigs, bees, scorpions, and more.

The company has more than 200 radio-dispatched trucks, 200 licensed technicians, supervisors, a Quality Control staff, an entomologist, and a biologist on its team to protect you and your home against common household pests. Additionally, Lloyd offers a 100% refund on your service visit if bugs come back during your guarantee period and you’re not happy with services.

Quotes not available through This Old House.

Clark Pest Control

Clark Pest Control services start with a thorough inspection of your home and yard by a trained and licensed service technician. During this inspection, the technician will pinpoint areas of pest activity and provide you with a fully customized plan to treat and eliminate entry points and nests.

Within 30 days of your first pest control treatment, Clark Pest Control will activate its Pest-Away program that includes a thorough inspection of your home, an exterior treatment every other month, and the removal of spider webs. The company also offers disinfecting services and yard and garden services.

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Compare Pest Control Companies in San Diego

Provider Terminix Orkin Rentokil
Provider Terminix Orkin Rentokil
Get a free quote
Our overall score out of 100 98.5 94 89.5
Superlative Best Overall Best for Urgent Service Most Comprehensive Plan
States available 47 47 46
Annual cost for general pest control $550–$700 $575 (average) $600–$1,220
BBB rating* A A+ N/A
Online chat Yes No No
Phone number 866-569-4035 877-868-1416 866-720-4662

*N/A signals inconsistent accreditations and ratings

Our Recommendation

Of these seven pest control providers, the This Old House Reviews Team believes that Terminix, Orkin, and Aptive are some of the best pest control companies available due to their comprehensive plan options, affordable pricing, and customer service.

Why You Should Hire Pest Control in San Diego

Drywood termites are a common problem in San Diego, along with a variety of other pests. Though you may think these pests are easy to treat, you can’t just set off bug bombs in the house and hope for the best. The chemicals used to treat pests should be handled carefully, and are best used by professionals. Pest control companies have access to equipment and products that most homeowners don’t, so they can get the job done more efficiently and effectively.

Professionals also have the expertise to correctly identify the pest you’re dealing with and assess the severity of your issue. Without that base knowledge, you may waste time and energy trying to eradicate a completely different pest than the one you’re dealing with. Working with a professional means taking out the guesswork.

Common Pests in San Diego

You’ll find a variety of pests in San Diego, from rodents like rats and mice to stinging pests like wasps. Here are the most common pests you’ll have to deal with as a San Diego homeowner.

  • Termites—Drywood termites are very common in Southern California. While not quite as destructive as subterranean termites, they can cause serious damage to wood structures in a short amount of time. Most pest control companies offer free termite inspections.
  • Roaches—There are four species of cockroaches that can be found in San Diego. They can contaminate food and spread disease, and German cockroaches in particular are difficult to get rid of because they lay so many eggs.
  • Ants—Several species of ants are common in San Diego. The most troublesome one is the territorial Argentine ant. This type of ant builds nests beneath homes in a series of colonies and invades your house searching for food.
  • Spiders—Spider species like black widows and desert recluse spiders are venomous and their bites can be serious, especially for children and the elderly.
  • Wasps—Yellowjackets can be a big problem in San Diego when they build nests outside of residences. Since they’re aggressive and known to sting, they should be avoided and only dealt with by professionals.
  • Rodents—The issue with rodents is that not only do they contaminate food, spread disease, and potentially pose a safety hazard—chewing through electrical wiring, etc.—they multiply very quickly.
  • Fleas and ticks—These warm weather-loving pests feed on blood. If you notice fleas or ticks in your home, likely carried in by a pet, consider hiring a professional pest control company to fumigate your home and fully get rid of these pests.

How to Choose Pest Control in San Diego

You should always do your research before selecting a pest control company. You don’t want to sign up for a plan only to find out that the provider is out of your budget or doesn’t protect against some of the pests you’re dealing with. Here are some of the factors you should take into account.

  • Type of pests—Different pest control companies protect against different pests. When choosing the best company for you, confirm that the company protects against the specific pest or pests you’re dealing with. You should also consider the amount of pests covered, along with the specialty pests that are targeted.
  • Cost—Plans from different companies will vary in cost for several reasons, including the fact that some plans won’t protect against the same roster of pests. To find out if the pest control company you’re interested in will work within your budget, submit your information online to receive a free, customized quote.
  • Treatment schedules—Most pest control companies will offer plans on a monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, or annual schedule. Explore your options to find out which one you think would be the best fit.
  • Reputation—If you hire a professional with a good industry standing, they are more likely to be trustworthy, reliable, and competent. Read expert reviews to find out which companies have solid reputations in the pest control space—and which ones don’t.
  • Guarantees—If you aren’t satisfied with an exterminator’s work, many will guarantee to resolve the issue. Orkin, Terminix, and Rentokil all offer to return to re-treat areas for free if you spot pests within 30 days of the last treatment. Orkin and Terminix also offer a refund of your last treatment if you aren’t 100% satisfied.

San Diego Pest Control FAQs

How do you get rid of termites?

There are many termite killers on the market, from sprays and foams to baits and liquid termiticides. These may be a good place to start before scheduling a free termite inspection with a professional pest control company.

How long does pest control last?

How long your treatment is effective for depends on the type of pest you’re dealing with, the degree of the infestation, the company you choose, and other factors. For example, liquid termite treatments tend to last for five years.

How do I prepare my house for pest control?

Start by noting where you saw the pests, then move furniture and large appliances away from your walls and vacuum your carpets thoroughly. This will give your pest control specialist greater access to pests’ hiding areas.

How much does pest control cost?

The cost of pest control services will vary based on several factors.

  • Property size and location—The larger your home, the more you will pay. Some zip codes are also more expensive to treat than others.
  • Pest type—Some pests are more difficult to eliminate and will require more treatments, costing more.
  • Degree of infestation—Severe infestations will cost more to eradicate than minor or moderate ones.
  • Treatments required—Different types of pests require different types and numbers of treatments.
  • Number of treatments—The more treatments you need, the greater the cost.

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