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The Best Pest Control in Houston, TX

The best pest control services in Houston are performed by industry leaders—Orkin, Terminix, and Aptive.

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Houston homeowners have a lot to deal with when it comes to pests. The hot, humid environment makes the city a breeding ground for mosquitoes, roaches, and more. Luckily, Houstonians have access to some of the best pest control companies in the country.

Orkin, Terminix, and Aptive each have highly trained specialists and regional expertise. With commercial-grade products, equipment, and expertise, pest control specialists from these three companies can tackle your common household pests, as well as termites and bed bugs.

Top 3 Pest Control Companies in Houston

The highest-rated pest control companies in Houston, TX include:

  • Terminix: Best Overall
  • Orkin: Best for Urgent Service
  • Aptive: Most Customizable


We believe Terminix is the best overall pest control company, with a score of 98.5 out of 100. Terminix is one of the most well-known names in pest control, almost synonymous with termite treatment. But Terminix protects against much more than termites, including over a dozen common household pests, mosquitoes, ticks, and bed bugs.

Pros & Cons

✔ More than 90 years of experience serves 2.8 million customers nationwide
✔ Specialists include certified members of the Entomological Society of America
✔ Was the first company to obtain a termite control patent
✘ One-time service fee is more expensive than that of other companies

Terminix’s general pest control plan protects customers from house ants, cockroaches, non-dangerous spiders, rats, mice, scorpions, clothes moths, silverfish, centipedes, earwigs, crickets, millipedes, and paper wasps. There is also a Termite Control plan, and services tailored specifically to bed bugs, mosquitoes, and ticks.

Service Areas: Terminix provides service to customers in and around Houston, including in Brookshire, Cypress, Eagle Lake, Fulshear, Katy, Sealy, Simonton, Columbus, and Weimar.

An annual plan from Terminix typically costs about $550–$700 per year for a 2,000-square-foot home. Mosquito services start around $60 per month and tick services start at about $80 per month.

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Orkin is an industry leader in pest control, building its reputation over 100 years. The pest control provider services 1.7 million residential and commercial customers across the U.S. Orkin’s pest control specialists are experts, and undergo 160 hours of targeted training before they’re allowed out in the field. This Old House Reviews Team believes Orkin offers the most customer resources of the pest control companies we’ve reviewed, and give it a score of 94 out of 100.

Pros & Cons

✔ Excellent customer resources
✔ Widespread availability
✔ Integrated Pest Management
✘ No online chat

Orkin’s general plan covers 15 to 20 household pests, including hornets, scorpions, silverfish, roaches, mice, spiders, centipedes, earwigs, ants, moths, crickets, and fleas. The company also has plans specifically for termite control, ticks, bed bugs, and mosquitoes.

Service Areas: Orkin provides pest control services to cities in and around Houston, including Barker, Baytown, Brookshire, Conroe, Crosby, Cypress, Hempstead, Highlands, Hockley, Huffman, Hufsmith, Humble, Katy, Kingwood, Magnolia, Montgomery, New Caney, Pinehurst, Porter, Prairie View, Sealy, Splendora, Spring, Tomball, Waller, and Willis.

The cost of Orkin’s services depends on the customized treatment plan recommended by an Orkin specialist. Cost is also impacted by size and location of your home, number of treatments, type of treatment, type of pests, and the severity of infestation.

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We rated Aptive a score of 91 out of 100 and named it the most customizable pest control provider because of its comprehensive pest control solutions and ability to create plans based on your specific pest control needs. Additionally, Aptive is committed to giving back to the community and has partnered with the United Nations to fight malaria.

Pros & Cons

✔ Has a Four-Seasons Protection Plan that involves quarterly treatments
✔ Ranked as one of Entrepreneur Magazine’s Best Companies in America
✔ Donates a portion of profits to help fight malaria
✘ Customers mention aggressive sales tactics

Aptive offers a single service called the Four-Seasons Protection Plan. After a thorough inspection, Aptive applies its pest solutions once per season to a home. Aptive uses products derived from chrysanthemums during its applications. Aptive exterminates pantry pests, aphids, crickets, earwigs, millipedes, pill bugs, silverfish, snails, ants, roaches, rodents, spiders, fleas, stinging insects, and biting insects.

An annual plan from Aptive costs about $560–$620 annually for a 2,000-square-foot home. To get a specific quote for your home, use the tool below.

Compare Pest Control Companies

Our Recommendation

The This Old House Reviews Team recommends Terminix and Orkin for Houston homeowners seeking a pest control provider. Terminix earned the highest overall rating from our review team and is thus our top choice. Homeowners requiring same-day service should consider Orkin because it offers same-day coverage, and those interested in customizable solutions should contact Aptive.

Why You Should Hire Professional Pest Control in Houston

Houston is a hot spot for many common pests, including roaches, spiders, ticks, and especially mosquitoes—some of which carry severe illnesses. Trying to tackle pest control on your own might not be worth it. Professionals can get the job done quickly and efficiently.

For proper pest control, you’d need to correctly and safely identify the type of pest you’re dealing with, devise an effective treatment plan—which may be difficult, considering you won’t have access to the same commercial-grade products and equipment the pros do, and the commonly available insecticides may be dangerous to use if you’re inexperienced—monitor the situation regularly for signs of progress, and prevent the pests from returning.

Common Pests in Houston

Mosquitoes may be the first pest you think of when you picture Houston. After Hurricane Harvey, mosquitoes are an even greater issue in Space City. All the standing water after the floods made an excellent breeding ground. Mosquitoes can transmit illnesses like malaria and West Nile.

But there are many other pesky pests out there. The most common pests you’ll encounter as a Houston homeowner are:

  • Cockroaches: There are 30 different species of cockroaches in Houston, drawn to the area’s high moisture levels. They can contaminate food and spread bacteria.
  • Bed bugs: Houston gets a lot of visitors, so it’s no surprise bed bugs hitchhike to the city. They can infest homes quickly and leave painful bites.
  • Fleas & ticks: These pests are most active when it’s hot and humid—which is almost always the case in Houston. They can spread disease to you and affect your pets.
  • Spiders: Venomous spiders like black widows and brown recluses are found in Houston. Their bites can cause severe allergic reactions, and need to be treated immediately.
  • Ants: There are many nuisance ants in Houston, including carpenter ants that can damage wood and fire ants which can leave painful bites and mess up your lawn.
  • Mice & rats: Rodents are common in the area and can damage furniture, wood, electrical wires, and more.
  • Termites: Subterranean termites—the most damaging kind—are common in Houston and can set homeowners back thousands of dollars in treatment and repairs.

How to Choose Pest Control in Houston

To choose the best pest control in Houston, you need to look into several factors. Pest control companies may differ in a variety of categories, including cost, reputation, and more.

  • Cost—Different pest control companies will charge different amounts for their pest control plans, whether for common household pests or specialized ones like bed bugs and termites. To make sure a company’s costs fall within your budget, you can schedule a free at-home inspection to receive a tailored quote. We always recommend getting multiple quotes before making your final decision.
  • Type of pests—Not all companies protect against the same pests. There may be differences in what’s covered under the general pest control plans, as well as the extra services offered. If you have issues with both ants and mosquitoes, for example, you may prefer a company that handles both instead of hiring two separate ones.
  • Reputation—Customers feel safest with companies that have solid reputations for being trustworthy and reliable. Homeowners often prefer choosing companies with decades of experience over a newer company with less expertise and fewer reviews.
  • Guarantees—A major benefit of hiring a professional pest control company is the expertise. Pest control specialists have experience defending against pests you may not have dealt with before. Some companies offer guarantees that their treatments will work, so you can have confidence in choosing their services. Each of the companies we’ve chosen offers the guarantee that if you find pests in a treated area within 30 days of the last application, a specialist will return to re-treat at no extra cost. Orkin and Terminix even state that they will refund your last treatment if you aren’t 100% satisfied.
  • Plan schedules—Companies may operate with different schedules, offering monthly or quarterly treatments only, or maybe bi-monthly or annual. Be sure to ask your representative about the schedules available for the various plans offered.

Frequently Asked Questions About Houston Pest Control

How can I prevent termites?

The best methods for preventing termites include sealing all possible entry points with caulk, making sure there is no wood touching your home, avoiding wood-based mulch, and keeping sprinkler heads pointed away from your home’s foundation to reduce moisture.

How can I get rid of mosquitoes?

You can get rid of mosquitoes through a variety of methods. Popular options are traditional chemical repellents and mosquito traps, and natural methods including spraying essential oils, burning citronella candles, sage, or coffee grounds.

How can I treat bed bugs?

If you want to make sure that bed bugs are gone for good, you should consider a professional pest control company. Specialists can use a variety of methods, like freezing agents and heat chambers, that you may not have access to.

How much do Houston pest control services cost?

The exact cost you pay for pest control services will depend on a variety of factors.

  • Pest type—Some pests are more difficult to eradicate than others, and will cost more.
  • Degree of infestation—A serious infestation will be more expensive to resolve the issue.
  • Treatment process—Different types of pests require different types of treatments, and some may cost more than others.
  • Number of treatments—The greater the number of treatments you need, the higher the price.
  • Property size and location—The size of your home and where you live may affect how much you ultimately pay.

On average, the cost to treat a 2,000-square-foot home for general pest control would be $560-$620 annually for Aptive, $550–$700 for Terminix, and $790–$980 for Orkin.

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