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In this video, This Old House host Kevin O'Connor uses computer software to select paint colors.

1. For small, simple Queen Anne home, choose a three-color scheme; large, elaborate Victorians can support up to seven different colors
2. Choose paint colors for three main areas: the body of the house (shingles or clapboard siding), house trim (window and door casings, rake boards, fascias, etc.), and the sash (movable parts, including window sash, doors, and shutters)
3. Take a digital photo of exterior of house and download it to a computer with a paint-imaging software program
4. Start by choosing a color from the software's palette for the house body; pick a color that blends with the roof shingles
5. Next, select a trim color that complements the house-body color
6. Select a sash color to accent the trim color
7. Use the software program to change and manipulate the colors to create a desirable paint scheme
8. Buy quart samples of various colors and test on small sections of the house, trim and sash
9. Stand back to better see which color schemes look best on your home