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S39 E6: This Old House University

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In this episode:

You’re not an official carpenter on a This Old House project until you’ve framed a room with Norm.

Today the TOH apprentices — Bailey, Austin and Nathan — learn framing from the master.

Kevin enters through the new addition and goes up through the house to find them in the new master suite, framing the bathroom wall.

It’s almost time to order cabinets for the kitchen. Kevin finds Joe and Liz meeting with a kitchen designer at a local cabinet company to discuss the final layout of the kitchen using 3-D software. Then they settle on a cabinet door style and narrow down the options for color.

Meanwhile, it’s time for rough plumbing to start on the house. Richard takes time to teach the apprentices the basics. They start by building the drain stack for the new master bath.

Outside, the apprentices are making progress on the front porch. Kevin finds Tommy and his young crew laying fir decking on the frame they made last week. Using the old-school method of hammering, Tommy teaches them various tricks to nail in the fir boards.

Original Air Date: November 9, 2017 Season 39; Ep.06 23:43

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Custom kitchen cabinets
Contractor: Carole Kitchen and Bath Design