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Actor Scott Foley Talks About His Dream Job at This Old House

Any Scandal fans out there? Turns out "Captain Jake Ballard" is a long-time fan of TOH ! This week, he told the world all about it on The Ellen DeGeneres Show

March 3, 2017

Long-time TV heartthrob Scott Foley is an even longer-time fan of This Old House. In an interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show this week, Foley talked about his role on ABC’s popular Thursday-night show, Scandal, but eventually revealed that his true dream job would be to host America’s most trusted home improvement show. (His audition begins at 1:07.)

That gig is already taken by our beloved Kevin O’Connor, who later proposed a job swap via Twitter:

@scottkfoley Let's switch for a week - you wear the flannel and I play the heartthrob.

— Kevin O'Connor (@KevinOConnorTOH) March 2, 2017

But, the fact that the job's taken didn't stop Ellen from asking Foley to do a live audition for This Old House.

If my talk show doesn’t work out, I think I could get a job as @ScottKFoley’s agent. Call me, “This Old House.”

— Ellen DeGeneres (@TheEllenShow) March 1, 2017

His lines poked fun at both America’s long-time love affair with Foley and his long-time love affair with TOH. “I look very good holding tools,” Foley says to the camera. “Watch me hammer a nail.” And he does, for no great reason, right into the top of a birdhouse.

The timing of Foley’s audition is perfect! We actually are looking for three apprentices as part of our Generation NEXT Casting Call. In a partnership with the mikeroweWORKS Foundation, our Generation NEXT program seeks to close the skills gap in the trades. The top applicants of our casting call (deadline May 4) will work alongside the TOH TV crew in an upcoming season of the show. The ten-week gig includes housing and a stipend.

Unfortunately, Foley says he won’t be able to submit his Generation NEXT audition video...

@ThisOldHouse I already checked this out on you're website! It's my pre kids, no responsibilities (for 10weeks) dream!

— scott foley (@scottkfoley) March 1, 2017

…but we hope you will! Apply here.