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Best 5 Solar Companies in Bellevue, WA

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Written By Max Peterson | Last Updated: February 05, 2024

With Bellevue's clear skies and below-average rainfall, it's a great area for families and businesses looking to harness the extra sunlight. If you're contemplating going solar, you might be anxious about expensive upfront costs. By working with a skilled installer, you'll have both the financial and technical support you need for a successful transition. Discover Bellevue's best solar companies and learn crucial decision-making tips on this page.

Top Bellevue Solar Companies

Jet City Solar Experts Logo

Jet City Solar Experts

Based on 51 customer reviews.

Services Offered

Consultation Off-Grid Solar Systems Residential Panels Commercial Panels Maintenance Skilled Repairs


  • Clear pricing policy
  • Reliable customer support
  • Free quotes
715 Spring St, Seattle, WA 206-222-8702 solar-seattle.com
Sun Path Electric Logo

Sun Path Electric

Based on 29 customer reviews.

Services Offered

Permit Assistance Financing Assistance Battery Storage Residential Panels Consultation


  • Free quotes
  • Reliable customer support
  • Informative resources
309 S Cloverdale St Building C, Unit 26, unit 26, WA 206-792-7234 sunpathelectric.com
Artisan Electric Inc Logo

Artisan Electric

Based on 91 customer reviews.

Services Offered

Solar Panel Upgrades Residential Panels Community Solar Projects Permit Assistance Financing Assistance Full-Service Battery Storage Consultation Commercial Panels


  • Free quotes
  • Reliable customer support
  • Fair employee wages
969 S Nebraska St Suite A, Seattle, WA 206-557-4215 artisanelectricinc.com
A&R Solar Logo

A&R Solar

Based on 58 customer reviews.

Services Offered

Permit Assistance Consultation Residential Panels Financing Assistance Tesla Powerwall Battery Storage Commercial Panels


  • Informative resources
  • Prompt service delivery
  • Free quotes
3211 Martin Luther King Jr Way S Suite B, Seattle, WA 206-707-9937 a-rsolar.com

More Local Solar Companies

Brimma Solar

User Reviews: 4.5/5 

117 E Louisa St #272
Seattle, WA 98102

Puget Sound Solar LLC

User Reviews: 4.5/5 

805 Rainier Ave S
Seattle, WA 98144


User Reviews: 4.5/5 

2909 1st Ave S
Seattle, WA 98134

Sunergy Systems

User Reviews: 4.5/5 

4546 Leary Wy NW
Seattle, WA 98107

Northwest Electric and Solar

User Reviews: 4.6/5 

18001 73rd Ave NE
Kenmore, WA 98028

Capstone Wireless Solutions

User Reviews: 4.1/5 

8195 166th Ave NE #100th
Redmond, WA 98052

West Seattle Electric and Solar

User Reviews: 4.0/5 

6921 34th Ave SW
Seattle, WA 98126


User Reviews: 4.7/5 

2040 6th Ave
Tacoma, WA 98403

Del Valle Electric and Solar LLC

User Reviews: 4.7/5 

240 volt st
Enumclaw, WA 98022

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Ranking Methodology

Our team has thoroughly vetted dozens of solar providers near Bellevue, with emphasis on the following criteria:

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Facts about Bellevue
Average Max Temp: 54°F
Solar Payback Period: 12.4 years
Average Daily Sunlight: 50%
Homes Powered by Solar: 0
Average Annual Energy Bill: $1,276
Solar Power per Capita Percentile: 48.0%

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This Old House empowers homeowners with the knowledge and tools they need to tackle various projects and navigate the complexities of homeownership.

Benefits of Solar Energy

Solar energy comes with multiple perks. Here are some highlights.

  • Reduced carbon footprint: Using clean solar power lowers your dependence on fossil fuels, which release greenhouse gases that damage the environment.
  • Better energy independence: Adding a battery backup lets you have trustworthy energy during grid outages and storms.
  • Lower energy bills: Generating some or all of your own power will spend less on electricity long-term.

What Solar Incentives Are Available to Bellevue Homeowners?

Governments and utility companies often incentivize homeowners for going solar. Here are some of the rebates, tax credits or other programs you could qualify for.

Incentive Type: Feed-in Tariff

Website: energy.wsu.edu

Incentive Amount:

FY 2021: $0.02/kWh - $0.10/kWh

Incentive Type: Sales Tax Incentive

Website: dor.wa.gov

Incentive Amount:

100% exemption for sales of forest derived biomass used as fuel;
100% exemption for solar photovoltaic systems 10 kilowatts or less, and solar thermal systems;
75% exemption for other qualified systems

Incentive Type: Green Building Incentive

Website: commerce.wa.gov

Incentive Type: Personal Tax Credit

Website: ecowatch.com

Incentive Amount:

30% federal tax credit for systems placed in service after 12/31/2021 and before 01/01/2033. Good for: solar water heat, solar photovoltaics, biomass, geothermal heat pumps, wind (small), fuel cells using renewable fuels.

How To Choose the Best Solar Company in Bellevue

The price and efficiency of solar panels often rely on which company installed them. Make your choice based on the following crucial aspects.

Licensing and Training

Solar contractors in Washington must hold an electrical contractors' license from the Department of Labor and Industries. In specific situations, the department may also conduct permit inspections to verify compliance and the integrity and viability of a contractor's job. Solar companies can also pursue accreditations from trade groups and standards organizations. The most prestigious ones in the industry come from the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners. Most company websites will prominently display earned credentials, but you should also ask your estimator for more information.

Cost of Solar Panels in Bellevue

Your solar modules' model will influence how much energy you can produce. Monocrystalline panels perform the best but cost the most. Polycrystalline panels generate less, but they're a great traditional option for low budgets. Thin-film panels are excellent for non-traditional roof shapes and cost the least, but don't work well for large residential installations.

If you need to charge an electric car or use your solar power in inclement weather, you can pay extra for add-ons. By choosing the right components, you can make your system more effective and convenient to use. Not all solar companies offer these extras, so look for a provider that sells them if it's a priority for you.

You can plan to spend about $17,950 on average for a five-kilowatt solar energy system in Bellevue. Use the table in this section to get an idea of how much Bellevue solar companies might quote for your specific system.

Solar Panel Cost Average Cost
Solar Monocrystalline $1,255
Solar Polycrystalline $979
Thin-Film $572
Solar Battery $803
Solar Home EV Charger $3,012

Financing Solar Energy in Bellevue

Solar contractors offer multiple different financing options to increase your savings and lower your costs. Though some providers offer unique payment plans, the most common are power purchase agreements (PPAs), solar leases, solar loans and cash payments. Though it requires a large up-front payment, cash is the most cost-effective choice because it doesn't accrue interest and qualifies you for incentives. Solar loans are the second most effective option. As with a home or auto loan, you'll pay a monthly rate towards system ownership, including interest. You can still apply for money-saving solar incentives, and depending on your lender, you could put as little as $0 down. Solar leases involve paying a set monthly rate to use rooftop panels. A PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) lets you pay a monthly rate based only on the energy you use, as with an electric bill. We usually don’t recommend these two options because you won't own the system and cannot use solar incentives. We suggest working with a company that offers multiple financing options. Speak with each representative about what's available, and obtain more than one estimate for the best odds of keeping within your spending limits.

The table below lists the average payback periods for different capacities of solar systems in Bellevue.

The IRS allows you to claim a 26% federal tax credit on your new solar panels, so long as you purchase it before 2032. Local governments and utilities might also offer their own incentives, financing programs, and rebates that could save you more money.

Solar System Capacity Estimated Payback period
1 kW 2.5 years
2 kW 5.0 years
5 kW 12.4 years
10 kW 24.9 years

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Frequently Asked Questions About Solar in Bellevue

How much energy and money could I save per year by switching to solar?

On average, Bellevue homeowners shell out roughly $1,276 per year on electric bills. Once you pay off your solar array, you could save $862.14 per kilowatt you produce.

How prevalent is solar energy in Bellevue?

Yes, solar energy is readily available in Bellevue. A growing number of area homes generate or access solar power on-site or through utility grids, and Washington has about 3781 jobs making up its solar economy.

Will a solar PV system increase my Bellevue home price?

Yes, new solar systems mean higher property values according to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL.) Homeowners could project a $20 property value increase for each dollar they save on energy. Therefore, $600 in energy savings could boost your property value by $12,000.

What if I live in a heavily-wooded or gloomy

Even if your property has high tree cover, you could still use solar energy. Your installer will maximize your system's performance by choosing the proper site for panels, positioning them to capture the most sunlight throughout the year, installing a battery backup system, and cleaning them regularly. This way, you can keep solar energy longer and use it as necessary.

What size should my new Bellevue solar system be?

The average Bellevue solar system size is 4.3 kilowatts (kW). However, your final system size depends on your family's electricity usage. Your surrounding shading, panel model, and roof size could also impact your final result. A professional solar contractor will consider these factors and determine the right system size for your home.

What is the average payback period for Bellevue solar panels?

Most Bellevue homeowners pay back a solar loan in 14.6 years. You can shorten the payback period by paying off extra loan principal each month.

How are a solar lease and PPA different?

After you sign a PPA, your solar company will not charge to set up and take care of your new panel array. Instead, you'll pay them only for the electricity you generate. Typically, PPAs last for 10–25 years or until you "buy out" of the contract.

If you choose a lease, you'll make set monthly payments.

With both leases and PPAs, you don't own your panels and lose eligibility for most incentives. Further, you'll have to "buy out" or transfer the contract if you sell your home during the term.

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