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4 Best Foundation Repair Companies in Union

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ATS Construction Logo
Top Rated

ATS Construction


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Based on 48 reviews

26 Montague St, Binghamton, NY 13901

(607) 759-3189
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Dan Brown Construction, LLC


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Based on 50 reviews

2 Valley St, Town of Union, NY 13760

(607) 205-1001
Midstate Basement Authorities, Inc. Logo

Midstate Basement Authorities, Inc.


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Based on 78 reviews

106 Horton Rd, Newfield, NY 14867

(607) 600-8070
Affordable Basement Solutions Logo

Affordable Basement Solutions


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Based on 42 reviews

731 Factory Gulf Rd, Deruyter, NY 13052

(607) 745-7379
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Facts about Union

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Common Causes of Foundation Problems in Union

Foundation issues have a few possible causes. Here are the most frequent ones for Union residents:

  • Aging plumbing: Union has its fair share of older homes, with a median building year of 1954. Many of these properties use cast-iron plumbing. When the pipes start eroding, leaking water could reach your foundation and even pool beneath it.
  • Improper modifications: Roofing or landscaping work that wasn't completed properly could lead to your foundation settling.
  • Standing water: Pooling water around your home can be a menace to your foundation's integrity, especially when it collects in areas your gutter system doesn't cover.
  • Topsoil Frost: When temperatures plunge, topsoil abruptly ices over and lower layers can't expand, pushing upper layers to heave and permanently damage infrastructure.
  • Tree Roots: Tree roots can intrude into a home's foundation through crevices, and may exert pressure that results in your foundation breaking, pipes leaking, and overall structural deterioration.

How to Choose the Best Foundation Repair Company

Choosing a foundation provider doesn't have to be complicated. We encourage you to jot down what you expect most in a contractor, then evaluate each company on your shortlist against these attributes.

Licensing and Experience

New York's state government doesn't issue contracting licenses, but cities often choose to require them of foundation companies and other builders. For example, New York City requires foundation and excavating contractors to obtain a "Safety Registration Number" with a concrete work endorsement. They also need to register as a general contractor or home improvement contractor. To further understand your contractor's experience, we recommend asking questions about how the company inspects foundations, how its team will draft plans and pull permits, and what local codes apply to your project. One of the most effective ways to evaluate a company's reputation is to explore its website. Look for how long the company has operated and the accreditations its team holds. Many well-known companies publish educational content for prospective customers.

Customer Reviews

When you're researching a company's credibility, visit its Better Business Bureau (BBB) profile. There, you can find its rating and a list of customer reviews, both complaints and positive experiences. Complaints aren't necessarily a red flag in themselves. Instead, discover how a company handles them. If the management team consistently and proactively resolves issues, it's a good sign. However, if the company lacks accreditation, shows more negative reviews than positive ones, and doesn't communicate well, you should think twice about working with it.

Lastly, we recommend you search different websites, such as Trustpilot and Google, for additional feedback.

Foundation Repair Cost in Union

Foundation repair costs can range quite widely based on the extent of the problems and what needs to be done to fix them. For minor foundation cracking and settling problems, you may pay as little as $1,900. However, if there is significant destruction, the average cost will be around $3,200. More intricate jobs involving digging, helical piers, or major concrete leveling could run you $7,000.

See below the average foundation repair costs for common issues.

Common Foundation Repair ServicesAverage Cost
Crack Repair$371
Leak Repair$3,010

Frequently Asked Questions about Foundation Repair in Union

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