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Tree removal helps enhance your landscape's natural beauty by removing unwanted vegetation from your property. That's why we're here to help you find your area's top providers and beautify your yard. We've researched and compiled this list of North Las Vegas' top tree removal companies below.

5 Best Tree Removal Companies in North Las Vegas

Brands are algorithmically curated from a database of local service providers near you. We require a minimum number of Google reviews and average ratings for provider inclusion.

Top Rated Provider
Top Rated

Duranchi Tree Service


Ratings are based on our detailed proprietary methodology and review standards.

Based on 54 reviews

720 Redeye Ln, Las Vegas, NV 89110

(702) 439-2012

Green Man Tree Service


Ratings are based on our detailed proprietary methodology and review standards.

Based on 40 reviews

6416 Home Run Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89130

(800) 419-1670
Woodys Tree Service LLC Logo

Woodys Tree Service LLC


Ratings are based on our detailed proprietary methodology and review standards.

Based on 86 reviews

6216 Old Trail Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89108

(702) 401-8285

Ryans Tree Care LLC


Ratings are based on our detailed proprietary methodology and review standards.

Based on 37 reviews

4333 N Torrey Pines Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89108

(702) 497-0435
Arbor Tree Service | Tree Removal | Palm Trimming Logo

Arbor Tree Service | Tree Removal | Palm Trimming


Ratings are based on our detailed proprietary methodology and review standards.

Based on 47 reviews

4687 Balsam St, Las Vegas, NV 89108

(702) 372-0148

Facts about North Las Vegas

  • Average Tree Height:
    15 ft
  • Common Trees:
    Singleleaf Pinyon, Utah Juniper, Curlleaf Mountain-Mahogany
  • Average Daily Sunlight:
  • Hardiness Zone:
  • Wettest Month:
  • Tree Removal Average Cost:

How To Choose the Right North Las Vegas Tree Service

Factors such as licensing and services offered are important to consider when choosing a tree removal company. We go over several of these key factors below.

Vet the Company's Qualifications

Make sure that your tree service provider has insurance, including professional liability, general liability, and workers' compensation insurance. Insurance serves to protect both customers and workers. They should mention tree work coverage specifically as otherwise, you may be liable for any injuries or damage on your property.

Tree removal doesn't require a mandatory national certification, but companies may employ a certified arborist to handle inspections. Arborists are specialists who have earned voluntary certifications from the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA). Companies aren't required to employ one, but arborists provide many benefits due to their training in tree preservation, care, and maintenance.

Get Quotes From Multiple Companies

You can request quotes from multiple companies to discover the best deals. Compare each aspect of your quote, such as service fees, included services, and timelines.

Confirm the Company Performs Residential Tree Services

Look for a tree removal company that specializes in residential services. Commercial companies must follow certain city ordinances because they work on large-scale commercial projects. On the other hand, residential companies specialize in private homeowner work and have fewer city-mandated restrictions.

Request a Tree Risk Assessment

A tree risk assessment (TRA) helps minimize the risk of damage to your property or harm to workers. Your tree service professional will visually inspect a tree and its branches to determine the risk of breakage, also called tree failure.

Certified arborists are typically the ones to conduct TRAs. Some companies include a free assessment with their services, while others charge an additional fee. Request a TRA before undertaking any real work.

Ask About Stump Removal

It's important to remove tree stumps because if left unattended they can rot and attract pests and disease. Ask if your tree removal company includes stump removal with its services. The company will remove stumps either by hand or with specialized equipment. This service costs from $86 to $634, with the typical North Las Vegas homeowner paying roughly $403.

How Much Does It Cost To Remove A Tree?

You can expect to spend an average of $806 for tree removal services. Costs can vary from $393-$1,728 and are impacted by factors such as tree size and type, project size, and tree health. You may pay per acre instead of per tree if you're having multiple trees removed. Services will cost more if a tree has a high failure risk or requires additional equipment, labor, or safety precautions. Expect to pay around $2,074 for emergency tree removal.

Frequently Asked Questions about Tree Removal in North Las Vegas