Affiliate Disclosure: This Old House may be compensated if you purchase through links on our website. Our Reviews Team is committed to delivering honest, objective, and independent reviews on home products and services. ... Affiliate Disclosure: This Old House may be compensated if you purchase through links on our website. Our Reviews Team is committed to delivering honest, objective, and independent reviews on home products and services.

Best 5 Solar Companies in Lawrence, KS

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Last Updated October 31, 2023

Lawrence homeowners are privileged to live in plentiful sunlight, both to appreciate and harness as energy. While switching to solar energy comes with upfront costs, local homeowners could ultimately save $1,100 per kilowatt on their electric bills. A professional technician can help you choose the best panels to maximize your savings. Discover Lawrence's top-rated solar companies and learn vital decision-making strategies on this page.

Best High-Efficiency System
  • Builds custom, high-efficiency solar systems suited to each home
  • Extensive coverage area throughout the country
  • Offers energy storage and EV charger add-ons
Best Solar Warranty
  • Offers self-monitoring systems
  • Includes comprehensive protection and guarantees
  • Provides additional roof repair services
Most Reputable
  • Offers high-efficiency panels and storage options
  • Provides unique in-house financing options
  • Recognized as one of the most reputable solar companies

Top Lawrence Solar Companies

Good Energy Solutions Logo
Top rated

Good Energy Solutions


Services Offered

Consultation Skilled Repairs Commercial Panels Battery Storage Maintenance Residential Panels


  • Reliable customer support
  • Free quotes
  • Family-operated business
641 E 22nd St, Lawrence, KS 785-371-1198
Cromwell Environmental Logo

Cromwell Environmental


Services Offered

Financing Assistance Commercial Panels Residential Panels Permit Assistance Battery Storage


  • Clear pricing policy
  • Reliable customer support
  • Informative resources
615 Vermont St, Lawrence, KS 785-371-1429
Solar Planet Inc Logo

Solar Planet


Services Offered

Residential Panels


  • Reliable customer support
  • Free quotes
  • Informative resources
13851 W 63rd St #404, Shawnee, KS 816-200-1228
Laven Electric LLC Logo

Laven Electric


Services Offered

Consultation Ev Charger Financing Assistance Residential Panels Commercial Panels Maintenance


  • Prompt service delivery
  • Reliable customer support
  • Informative resources
836 Spruce St, Leavenworth, KS 913-683-5057
Jeremy Electrical Logo

Jeremy Electrical


Services Offered

Commercial Panels Residential Panels Skilled Repairs Solar Panel Upgrades


  • Clear pricing policy
  • Reliable customer support
  • Prompt service delivery
4908 Johnson Dr, Mission, KS 913-375-0070

More Local Solar Companies

Helio GreenTech

User Reviews: 4.8/5

1321 Burlington St #300
North Kansas City, MO 64116

EnergyONE Renewables

User Reviews: 4.7/5

1333 NW Vivion Rd STE 101
Kansas City, MO 64118

Ecovole Solar

User Reviews: 4.5/5

1333 NW Vivion Rd STE 101
Kansas City, MO 64118

LifeTime Solar

User Reviews: 4/5

1509 Walnut St Ste 102
Kansas City, MO 64108

IBEX Roofing & Solar

User Reviews: 4.5/5

906 Florence Ave
Raymore, MO 64083

Barrett Solar

User Reviews: 4.3/5

3603 N Kimball Dr
Kansas City, MO 64161


User Reviews: 4.7/5

1755 SE County Road AA #A
Blue Springs, MO 64014

Royal Roofing & Solar

User Reviews: 4.7/5

305 Pine St suite a
Pleasant Hill, MO 64080

Eric Kjelshus Energy Heating and Cooling

User Reviews: 4.3/5

25001 E Outer Belt Rd
Greenwood, MO 64034

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Facts about Lawrence
Average Max Temp: 65°F
Solar Payback Period: 8.5 years
Average Daily Sunlight: 56%
Homes Powered by Solar: 97
Average Annual Energy Bill: $1,360
Solar Power per Capita Percentile: 48.0%

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Benefits of Solar Energy

Solar energy provides multiple benefits. Let's look at a few of them.

  • Reduced energy costs: Producing some or all of your own electricity will save you money on your electric bills long-term.
  • Reduced carbon footprint: Using clean solar power means you're less dependent on fossil fuels, which emit harmful greenhouse gasses.
  • Better energy independence: Photovoltaic systems with battery storage work through power outages and emergencies, and you won't have to rely on the power grid for your safety and well-being.

What Solar Incentives Are Available to Lawrence Homeowners?

Governments and utilities often reward homeowners for switching to solar. Here are some of the rebates, tax credits or other programs you could qualify for.

Incentive Type: Property Tax Incentive


Incentive Amount:

Solar energy systems used for heating or cooling: out-of-pocket expenditures by the owner for the components and labor
Wind, hydroelectric, geothermal, solar thermal, solar PV, and other solar energy systems: the assessed value of the system

Incentive Type: Personal Tax Credit


Incentive Amount:

30% federal tax credit for systems placed in service after 12/31/2021 and before 01/01/2033. Good for: solar water heat, solar photovoltaics, biomass, geothermal heat pumps, wind (small), fuel cells using renewable fuels.

How To Choose the Best Solar Company in Lawrence

The more thorough your provider search is, the better your photovoltaic system will ultimately perform. Make your choice based on the following crucial aspects.

Your solar panels' model will influence how much electricity you can generate. Monocrystalline panels cost more than other options, but they generate the most power. Polycrystalline panels produce less power, but they're worth it if you want a traditional panel style without the high cost. Thin-film panels aren't the best for large residential installations, but they are excellent accessories for non-traditional roofs.

If you want to charge an electric vehicle (EV) or use your solar power in dark weather, you'll usually pay extra for add-ons. These upgrades extend your system’s efficiency while adding more conveniences to your home. Not all solar contractors include these extras, so look for a company that has them if it's essential for you.

Licensing and Training

In Kansas, the state government doesn't hasn't implemented centralized solar contracting licenses, though some cities issue and require their own licenses for projects within their borders. You should also visit a company's website to learn about its private accreditations. Two of the most respected are the Solar Heating Installer and PV Installation Professional certificates, backed by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP). Some companies don't publish this information online, so you should also ask your estimator about them.

Financing Options

Solar providers offer multiple different financing options to lower your costs and increase your savings. A few of the most common options include power purchase agreements (PPAs), loans, leases, and cash payments. Most solar experts recommend paying cash or using a solar loan. Cash payments demand a large up-front sum, but they save you from paying interest, grant you system ownership, and qualify you for cost-saving incentives. Solar loans have the same benefits, though you'll pay more in total due to interest and fees. Similar to a auto or home loan, you'll pay a set monthly rate with as little as $0 down. Solar leases let you use your panels for a set monthly rate, while PPAs let you pay just for the energy you use, akin to an electric bill. Both options disqualify you for solar incentives and don't grant you system ownership. Solar experts generally don't recommend them, but they might be suitable in some cases. We suggest working with a provider that offers multiple financing options. Speak with each representative about what's available, and obtain more than one estimate for the best odds of staying within your budget.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Solar in Lawrence

How much money could I save by going solar in Lawrence?

Most Lawrence homeowners spend about $1,360 on energy each year. Your costs could drop by $1,095.77 for each kilowatt you generate after you pay off a solar array.

Is solar energy common in Lawrence?

Yes, solar energy is gaining popularity in Lawrence. 98 homes generate solar power, backed by a state solar economy with 887 job opportunities and counting.

Will solar energy systems boost my Lawrence home worth?

Yes, new solar systems translate to higher property values according to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL.) Homeowners could project a $20 property value increase for each dollar they save on energy. Therefore, $600 in energy savings could increase your home's value by $12,000.

How can I evaluate my property's solar feasibility?

One common way to find your home's solar viability is by using PVWatts. This free, powerful tool considers system size, local weather and topography, panel efficiency, and tree cover to determine how much electricity your array could generate. However, it's not a substitute for consulting with a solar expert, who can build a full estimate with the most updated data.

How do I care for my new solar system?

Solar panels don't demand much maintenance to keep working well. All you'll need to do is inspect and clean the panels every six months or as necessary in dusty seasons. Solar companies frequently offer maintenance packages to help you in your system's care.

What size should my new Lawrence solar system be?

The average Lawrence solar system size is 7.8 kilowatts (kW). However, your final system size depends on your home's energy needs. Your surrounding shading, panel model, and roof size could also impact your final result. A professional solar contractor will consider these factors and determine the right array size for your home.

How can I boost my solar system's performance?

To enhance your solar system's performance, you can implement the following steps:
  • use energy-efficient appliances
  • ,
  • regularly clean your solar panels
  • ,
  • optimize the panels' position with your solar installer
  • ,
  • upgrade to a more efficient inverter trim or cut down trees in the way of your panels

Should I get quotes from multiple Lawrence solar companies?

It's wise to obtain at least three different estimates before committing to a single solar installer. This allows you to evaluate pricing, product quality, customer feedback, and warranty options. It also helps you gauge a contractor's knowledge, reliability and responsiveness, all of which are positive signs.

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