Affiliate Disclosure: This Old House may be compensated if you purchase through links on our website. Our Reviews Team is committed to delivering honest, objective, and independent reviews on home products and services. ... Affiliate Disclosure: This Old House may be compensated if you purchase through links on our website. Our Reviews Team is committed to delivering honest, objective, and independent reviews on home products and services.

Best 5 Solar Companies in South Fulton, GA

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Last Updated October 31, 2023

The South Fulton community isintentional about safeguarding the planet and living sustainably. That includes using alternative energy sources like solar. Solar contractors take a distinctively educational approach, helping homeowners understand the underlying technology and tailor it to their requirements. On this page, we'll showcase South Fulton's best solar contractors and provide valuable advice for your solar journey.

Best High-Efficiency System
  • Builds custom, high-efficiency solar systems suited to each home
  • Extensive coverage area throughout the country
  • Offers energy storage and EV charger add-ons
Best Solar Warranty
  • Offers self-monitoring systems
  • Includes comprehensive protection and guarantees
  • Provides additional roof repair services
Most Reputable
  • Offers high-efficiency panels and storage options
  • Provides unique in-house financing options
  • Recognized as one of the most reputable solar companies

Top South Fulton Solar Companies

ADT Solar Logo
Top rated

ADT Solar


Services Offered

Commercial Panels Consultation Residential Panels Battery Storage Financing Assistance Solar Panel Upgrades Tesla Powerwall


  • Clear pricing policy
  • Free quotes
  • Informative resources
295 Maltbie St, Lawrenceville, GA 470-300-0299
Big Peach Solar Systems Logo

Big Peach Solar Systems


Services Offered

Skilled Repairs Residential Panels Commercial Panels Financing Assistance Maintenance Consultation


  • Clear pricing policy
  • Free quotes
  • Reliable customer support
42 Decatur St. Se, Atlanta, GA 770-790-3642
Hannah Solar Logo

Hannah Solar


Services Offered

Battery Storage Maintenance Commercial Panels Ev Charger Residential Panels


  • Clear pricing policy
  • Reliable customer support
  • Informative resources
3800 Camp Creek Pkwy Bldg 2400 Suite 110, Atlanta, GA 404-609-7005
Better Tomorrow Solar Logo

Better Tomorrow Solar


Services Offered

Commercial Panels Consultation Battery Storage Residential Panels Financing Assistance Permit Assistance


  • Clear pricing policy
  • Informative resources
  • Free quotes
1074 Memorial Dr Se, Atlanta, GA 678-532-1000
Solar Sale USA Logo

Solar Sale USA


Services Offered

Consultation Commercial Panels Permit Assistance Solar Panel Upgrades Residential Panels Skilled Repairs


  • Reliable customer support
  • Clear pricing policy
  • Free quotes
1201 W Peachtree St Nw Suite 2300, Atlanta, GA 800-961-7786

More Local Solar Companies

First Class Roofing & Solar

User Reviews: 4.7/5

3350 Riverwood Pkwy #1900
Atlanta, GA 30339

Aelia Power

User Reviews: 4.7/5

One Glenlake Pkwy NE Suite 650
Atlanta, GA 30328

Suncatcher of Atlanta

User Reviews: 4.4/5

612 Cobb Pkwy N
Marietta, GA 30062

Creative Solar USA

User Reviews: 4.5/5

1640 Cobb International Blvd NW #4
Kennesaw, GA 30152

Facts about South Fulton
Average Max Temp: 70°F
Solar Payback Period: 8.8 years
Average Daily Sunlight: 60%
Homes Powered by Solar: 7,913
Average Annual Energy Bill: $1,573
Solar Power per Capita Percentile: 48.0%

Benefits of Solar Energy

Solar energy offers multiple benefits. Here are some highlights.

  • Lower energy bills: Sourcing some or all of your own electricity will cut power costs long-term.
  • Reduced carbon footprint: Utilizing solar is a surefire way to lower your carbon footprint and home fossil fuel dependency.
  • Better energy independence: Photovoltaic systems with energy storage operate through power outages and emergencies, and you won't have to rely on the electrical grid for your safety and well-being.

What Solar Incentives Are Available to South Fulton Homeowners?

Governments and utility companies often incentivize homeowners for going solar. Here are some of the tax credits, rebates, or other programs you could qualify for.

Incentive Type: Sales Tax Incentive

Incentive Amount:

100% exemption

Incentive Type: Rebate Program


Incentive Amount:

Single Family
Central AC Replacement: $50
Air/Duct Sealing: $300
Attic Insulation: $250
Heat Recovery Water Heater with Heat Pump: $250
Heat Pump Water Heater: $250
Solar Water Heater: $250
Home Energy Assessment: $150
Smart Thermostat: $75
Heat Pump conversion: $250

Central AC Replacement: $25
Air/Duct Sealing: $150
Attic Insulation: $125
Heat Recovery Water Heater with Heat Pump: $250
Heat Pump Water Heater: $250
Solar Water Heater: $250
Home Energy Assessment: $75
Smart Thermostat: $38
Heat Pump conversion: $125

Incentive Type: Loan Program


Incentive Type: Rebate Program


Incentive Amount:

New Homes
Programmable Thermostat: $50
Electric Vehicle Charging Station: $100
Heat Pump/Air Conditioner: $100
Heat Pump Water Heater: $250
Solar Water Heater: $250

Incentive Type: Rebate Program


Incentive Amount:

Programmable Thermostat: $50/unit
Electric Vehicle Charging Station: $100/unit
Heat Pump/Air Conditioner Replacement: $100/unit
Heat Pump Water Heater/Solar Water Heater: $250

Incentive Type: Personal Tax Credit


Incentive Amount:

30% federal tax credit for systems placed in service after 12/31/2021 and before 01/01/2033. Good for: solar water heat, solar photovoltaics, biomass, geothermal heat pumps, wind (small), fuel cells using renewable fuels.

How To Choose the Best Solar Company in South Fulton

The more thorough your company research is, the better your solar installation will ultimately perform. Here are some important factors to bear in mind while searching for a solar installer.

The kind of solar panels you purchase decides how much energy you can produce. Monocrystalline panels offer the best energy production but cost more than other options. Polycrystalline panels produce less power, but they're worth it if you want a traditional panel style without the high cost. Thin-film panels are excellent for non-traditional roof shapes and cost the least, but don't work well for large residential installations.

You can also add battery backups and electric vehicle (EV) chargers. These upgrades extend your system's efficiency while adding more conveniences to your home. Not all solar installers include these add-ons, so look for a contractor that has them if it's a priority for you.

Licensing and Training

Georgia doesn't have contractors' licenses specific to solar energy, but the law does require solar installers to be licensed electrical contractors. The Georgia Secretary of State manages business filings and licenses. Solar installers can also pursue certificates from standards organizations and trade groups. The most respected ones in the industry come from the NABCEP. Most company websites will prominently display earned credentials, but you should also ask your estimator for more information.

Financing Options

There are many ways to pay for a new solar system, and the right one will help you decrease overhead. Though some providers offer unique payment plans, the most common are cash payments, solar leases, power purchase agreements (PPAs) and solar loans. Though it involves a large up-front payment, cash is the most economical choice because it qualifies you for solar incentives and doesn't accrue interest. Solar loans are the runner-up option. As with a car or home loan, you'll pay a monthly rate towards system ownership, including interest. You can still apply for cost-saving solar incentives, and depending on your lender, you could put as little as $0 down. Solar leases involve paying a set monthly rate to use rooftop panels. A PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) enables you to pay a monthly rate determined by the energy you use, like an electric bill. We typically don't recommend these two choices because you won't own the panels and are disqualified from using solar incentives. We suggest working with a provider that offers multiple financing options. Speak with each agent about what's available, and obtain more than one estimate for the best odds of keeping within your budget.

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South Fulton Solar FAQ

How much money could I save by going solar in South Fulton?

Most South Fulton homeowners spend about $1,351 on energy each year. Your costs could drop by $993.21 for each kilowatt you generate after you pay off a solar array.

How prevalent is solar energy in South Fulton?

Yes, solar energy is readily available in South Fulton. About 7,913 homes in the South Fulton area generate or access solar power, and Georgia has about 4,798 jobs comprising its solar economy.

Should I expect a property value increase after switching to solar energy?

Yes, new solar systems translate to higher property values according to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL.) Homeowners could project a $20 property value increase for each dollar they save on energy. Therefore, $600 in energy savings could boost your property value by $12,000.

What if I live in a heavily-wooded or gloomy

Even if your property has high tree cover, you could still benefit from solar energy. Your provider will optimize your system's performance by selecting the proper site for panels, cleaning them regularly, installing a battery backup system, and positioning them to capture the most sunlight throughout the year. This way, you can store solar power and use it as necessary.

What care do my solar panels need, and how frequently do they need it?

To preserve your solar system's performance, inspections and cleanings every six months are usually adequate. In dusty or dry seasons, your panels might need cleanings every one to two months. Your technician can recommend a maintenance schedule. Its team could also tackle the cleaning for you.

What's the average solar system size in South Fulton?

The average South Fulton solar system size is 6.8 kilowatts (kW). However, your final system size depends on your home's energy needs. Your surrounding shading, roof size, and panel model could also impact your final result. A professional solar company will consider these factors and determine the right array size for your home.

How does "net metering" work, and do I need to participate?

Most states and utilities offer net metering programs, and some mandate homeowners to join. Once you register, you can receive a bill credit or check for any surplus electricity you generate and send to the grid. Generally, power companies reimburse solar homeowners at an "avoided-cost" or wholesale rate.

How many estimates should I get before making a final solar company decision?

It's prudent to obtain three or more estimates before committing to a single solar provider. This allows you to evaluate product quality, pricing, customer feedback, and warranty options. It also helps you assess an installer's responsiveness, reliability and knowledge, all of which are "green flags".

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