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Looking to transform your yard into a beautiful outdoor living space? The right landscaper can improve your home's appearance as well as its value. One of the top landscapers in Tallahassee, Florida, can help you enhance your yard today.

9 Best Landscaping Companies in Tallahassee

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Top Rated Provider
Esposito Garden Center Logo
Top Rated

Esposito Garden Center


Ratings are based on our detailed proprietary methodology and review standards.

Based on 1057 reviews

2743 Capital Cir NE, Tallahassee, FL 32308

(850) 386-2114
Sergeant Smith Lawn Care, LLC Logo

Sergeant Smith Lawn Care, LLC


Ratings are based on our detailed proprietary methodology and review standards.

Based on 63 reviews

1429 Avondale Way, Tallahassee, FL 32317

(850) 368-1891
Augusta Lawn Care of East Tallahassee Logo

Augusta Lawn Care of East Tallahassee


Ratings are based on our detailed proprietary methodology and review standards.

Based on 66 reviews

2741 Masterson Ln, Tallahassee, FL 32311

(850) 806-2366
May Day Outdoor Services Logo

May Day Outdoor Services


Ratings are based on our detailed proprietary methodology and review standards.

Based on 178 reviews

8075 Apalachee Pkwy, Tallahassee, FL 32311

(850) 877-7056

LawnStarter Lawn Care Service


Ratings are based on our detailed proprietary methodology and review standards.

Based on 91 reviews

113 S Monroe St 1st floor, Tallahassee, FL 32301

(850) 692-6516
Bell's Landscape & Design Logo

Bell's Landscape & Design


Ratings are based on our detailed proprietary methodology and review standards.

Based on 26 reviews

8622 Mahan Dr, Tallahassee, FL 32309

(850) 354-9782
S & R Landscaping LLC Logo

S & R Landscaping LLC


Ratings are based on our detailed proprietary methodology and review standards.

Based on 22 reviews

9234 Courtney Ln, Tallahassee, FL 32305

(850) 508-3692
Dickerson Landscaping & Lawn Care | Tallahassee, FL Logo

Dickerson Landscaping & Lawn Care | Tallahassee, FL


Ratings are based on our detailed proprietary methodology and review standards.

Based on 24 reviews

12 Hayfield Spur, Monticello, FL 32344

(850) 422-3001
Mills Pro LLC Logo

Mills Pro LLC


Ratings are based on our detailed proprietary methodology and review standards.

Based on 17 reviews

3730 Shade Farm Rd, Quincy, FL 32352

(757) 604-8170

Facts about Tallahassee

  • Average Max Temperature:
  • Average Min Temperature:
  • Average Daily Sunlight:
  • Average Aeration Cost:
    $294 / half acre
  • Average Weed Control Cost:
  • Average Monthly Lawn Care Cost:

DIY Options vs. Professional Services

You may have some basic lawn maintenance knowledge. However, landscaping requires advanced skills, heavy equipment, and intense labor. More complicated projects, such as adding a fire pit or irrigation system, also necessitate machinery and construction experience.

You can complete some landscaping projects yourself. Smaller projects, such as removing overgrown plants or adding a flower bed, are easier to DIY. However, you should hire a landscaping contractor for things like a total yard overhaul, or smaller projects for which you don't have the needed expertise.

Professional landscape designers and architects have the skills and knowledge to elevate your outdoor space. They can recommend the most cost-effective upgrades and create long-term plans for landscape maintenance. If they also offer lawn care services, contractors can help improve your yard health, and you'll avoid making expensive mistakes doing it on your own.

Factors To Consider When Choosing an Tallahassee Landscaping Company

Aim to hire a landscaping company that offers the services you need at a reasonable price. You also want to know that your provider has a good reputation. Keep the following considerations in mind when shopping for landscaping contractors.

Services Offered

It’s important to assess your landscaping needs before choosing a company. If you want assistance with yard health and maintenance, look for one that offers lawn care services. These services might include pruning, controlling weeds, mulching, fertilizing, and mowing. Some companies provide additional pest control services and tree removal.

Plan to hire a full-service landscaper if you plan to do a full revamp of your yard or want to install elements such as sprinkler or irrigation systems, fire pits, or retaining walls. These providers specialize in outdoor designs and upgrades, including gardening, landscaping rock projects, and adding hardscapes. Some offer lawn maintenance services in addition to design and architectural services.

Licensing and Experience

Your landscaper should have the appropriate licenses from the Tallahassee city government. Most contractors also have advanced training and certification in areas such as outdoor design, lawn maintenance, and horticulture. Your provider may have the following certified members on staff:

  • Certified fertilization or pesticide specialists
  • Licensed arborists
  • Licensed horticulture specialists
  • Licensed or certified landscaping designers or architects

It might also hold certifications from professional organizations, such as the National Association of Landscape Professionals and the Professional Landcare Network. These certifications are not mandatory but can lend credibility to a provider.

Request a certificate of insurance or a company's insurance numbers before beginning a project. All landscaping companies should be insured and bonded. Contractors normally have liability insurance for protection against bodily injury or property damage.

Reputation and Reviews

Try to find a contractor who has an excellent reputation and positive customer reviews. Read both positive and negative reviews on third-party review sites such as the Better Business Bureau in order to get a feel for how a provider treats its customers. You want to avoid providers that have frequent mentions of unreliable customer service, delayed projects, or poor project results, or that have generally poor reviews.

Work Portfolio

Most landscaping and maintenance companies are happy to share their finished projects with potential customers. Ask the company for its portfolio of landscaping designs and projects. They might also have before and after pictures to show off their quality work. Request completed landscape designs similar to your planned project to get a better idea of how it will look.

Sustainability Practices

A landscaping company's sustainability practices are essential. These include water conservation, eco-friendly material options, and waste management. Your provider should choose plant life native to your area—such as trumpet honeysuckle, climbing aster, and narrowleaf sunflower—for best results. The work completed on your property shouldn't impact existing vegetation. The company should advise of any sustainability practices for your project and provide recommendations for reducing maintenance costs, waste, and water consumption.


Many landscapers offer free consultations. During this process, the contractor will review your outdoor space, offer recommendations, and go over project ideas. Your detailed quote will outline project costs such as materials and labor. We recommend getting quotes from multiple companies, as you can use these to compare rates and services and sometimes negotiate a lower price.

Landscaping Costs in Tallahassee

Landscaping typically costs $22–$33 per hour in Tallahassee, depending on project size and type. Simple tasks like gardening or mowing are less expensive than major yard work, such as resodding.

Larger projects necessitate more labor, which increases the total cost. Depending on the size of your yard, your provider might charge by the acre. The price will also be affected by the materials you choose.

Here's the average cost of common landscaping projects:

Landscaping ServiceAverage Cost
Deck$12,281 - $16,374
Landscaping Design$1,664 - $2,219
Landscaping LandGrading$399 - $2,392
Landscaping Mulch$24 - $120
Planting FlowerBeds$80 - $1,595
Planting Trees$209 - $348
Sodding$40 - $48
Swimming Pool$30,296 - $79,725

Frequently Asked Questions about Landscaping in Tallahassee


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