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TOH 2018 Idea House: All About Tile Profile Products

How smart and sleek tile profiles and edging products created seamless transitions throughout the Idea House.

Master Bath Contrast

Photo by Talia Sweenor

The first-floor master bath is a study in contrast, with a striking black and white palette. Rather than run the white subway tile backsplash all the way to the ceiling, here it has been capped with Schluter®-RONDEC, a finishing and edge-protection profile with a rounded reveal surface. The band of black paint above, and the grout line immediately beneath the profile, both serve to create a visual frame around the tile feature.

Shown: Schluter®-RONDEC in Bright White

Clean Transition

Photo by Cynthia Brown Studio

The walk-in shower, sans glass door, is both modern and universally accessible. Here, the decorative finishing profile provides a clean transition from the white subway tile to the darker perimeter walls, defining the shower space.

Shown: Schluter®-JOLLY in Bright White

A Clean Break

Photo by Talia Sweenor

An anodized aluminum floor profile was used to manage the transition from the 3/8” thick tile on the bathroom floor to the 1/4” tile in the shower area; it also helps to contain small amounts of water in this curbless design.

Shown: Schluter®-RENO-U Satin Anodized Aluminum

A Neat Niche

Photo by Talia Sweenor

Schluter®-QUADEC, a profile with a squared reveal, provides a solid looking frame for the shower niche, and prevents the tile edges from being chipped. The polished chrome finish was selected to match the shower fixtures.

Shown: Schluter®-QUADEC in Polished Chrome

Copper Contours

Photo by Nat Rea

The second-floor master bathroom was designed to be relaxing and spa-like, with earthy colors and soft textures. The rounded profile (shown, to the right of the shower door) complements the cove moldings around the ceiling perimeter, and the satin copper finish echoes the shower door hardware and light fixtures.

Shown: Schluter®-RONDEC in Satin Copper

All About the Accent

Photo by Cynthia Brown Studio

The range of available sizes and finishes makes the Schluter®-JOLLY profile an ideal solution for a variety of different design situations. Inside the shower stall, this simple and clean profile in satin copper was used to create a frame around the white quartz niche. The profiles were installed with butt joints that mimic those used on the stone.

Shown: Schluter®-JOLLY in Satin Copper

Blending In

Photo by Cynthia Brown Studio

This bright white profile practically disappears in the stark white bathroom, yet it very distinctly creates a boundary between tile and wall.

Shown: Schluter®-JOLLY in bright white

Finishing Touches

Photo by Nat Rea

In the guest bath, a rounded profile offers a subtle transition between the pebble-textured surface of the shower and the smooth white walls.

Shown: Schluter®-RONDEC in Bright White

Crossing the Threshold

Photo by Talia Sweenor

Throughout the Idea House, movement profiles were installed in a number of places where the floor covering changes from hardwood to tile, such as this transition from the VIP guest suite bedroom to its en-suite bathroom. These profiles allow for the wood floor to expand and contract without damaging the adjoining tile, and create a smooth, seamless transition from one floor to the next.

Shown: Schluter®-DILEX-BWA

Want to Learn More?

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