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Many communities, particularly coastal ones, promote the idea of enhancing storm water drainage by reducing the amount of non-permeable surface on residential properties.

A driveway is a prime candidate, for it is typically a fairly long stretch of pavement. A permeable driveway allows storm water to drain more efficiently, reducing the storm water runoff that can affect the water quality of nearby rivers, lakes, homes, and reservoirs.

At the 2018 Idea House, the design team chose a variation on a ribbon driveway—one where two parallel strips of paved surface flank a central strip of grass or rocks. Ribbon driveways have been popular since the 1920s, so they are a good model to follow for the new Craftsman-style house.

Here, the design calls for a short, centrally located cutout in the driveway instead of a ribbon running the entire length; in the cutout, the plan calls for a perforated drainpipe to be installed and covered with crushed stone, then topped with beach stones. All of those elements will enhance storm water drainage.