Great Fall Projects

When it's time to improve a house, get moving on projects like hanging clapboard, reseeding the lawn, and protecting wood



Gardens Under Glass

Plants flourish year-round in a greenhouse.By Francesca Lyman


On the Same Wavelength

Home networks let multiple computers surf the 'Net.By Ian Austen


A Safe Fix

Borates help protect wood from insects and rot.By Jeanne Huber

By Design

Cabinet Decision

A built-in hutch adds old-world storage to the kitchen.By Nancy Steadman

Talking Shop

Carry On

Carts to bear the brunt of any load.By Clayton DeKorne


Holding Patterns

How to keep tabs on your escrow account.By Karen Cheney


Sowing Lessons

Roger Cook reseeds a lawn's bald spots. By Erica Sanders


Working Weekends

Renovating a farmhouse, two days at a time.By Diane Di Costanzo


Homeowner's Handbook

Installing Cedar Siding

Tom Silva's step-by-step method for hanging clapboard to keep it level and watertight. By Charles Wardell


The TV show's Manchester house gets a new look crafted from parts of its past. By Jefferson Kolle

Water, Water, Everywhere

A man-made waterfall crafted of hand-picked stone brings nature right up to the patio.By Tom Connor

Mobile Home

Moving a house takes jacks, saws, and cranes, as well as beams —and nerves—of steel. By Max Alexander

Creating a New Classic

This Old House builds its Timeless Home, marrying vintage inspiration to modern convenience.By Amy Laughinghouse

A House for All Seasons

A hipped roof and a new bump-out turn a weekend beach house into a permanent residence.By Barbara Flanagan

Poster: Flowering Bulbs

Now's the time to plant these highly varied, low-maintenance bloomers.By Ryan Robbins



Roger Cook completes last season's Charlestown garden.

House Calls With Steve

Redoing a '50s kitchen in a 1924 Tudor.

Ask the Expert

Adding a dormer, cleaning a sooty fireplace, picking good plywood.

Letter From This Old House

The TV project homeowners consider their special role.

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