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In Case of Emergency

Don't wait for fire, wind, or rain to threaten you and your home. Here's how to be prepared how-to projects


Free plants! Learn to propagate tender perennials you have on hand

Animal House

Elevate your dog's dining experience with an easy-to-clean feeding station that has storage too

Whaddaya Call It?

Problem-solve with our gas fireplace guide

Salvage Style

Turn vintage porcelain faucet taps into a towel rack

Weekend Remodel

Organize your recyclables with an outdoor sorting and storage center

Q + A

Keep the inside of storm windows frost-free; spiff up dull cabinet finishes; hide holes in brick walls; and more

Reader Tool Test

Electric leaf blowers

Norm's Tricks of the Trade

Cut down a glass towel bar; trouble- shoot loose fascia-board nails in rafters


Easy ways to improve your home right now

Home News

Push lawn sweepers; leasable solar systems; and more


Before + After: Kitchen

A paint-only makeover lets a colorful 1945 stove look right at home

Paint Ideas

Brushed-on glaze turns a beige bath into a bamboo grove


Photoshop Redo

Tudor-style touches and a gabled addition give a 1950s home character and curb appeal

360 ° Makeover

Sustainable materials help sharpen a farmhouse's worn exterior from every angle

Reader Remodel

DIY grit and salvaged pieces revive a down-in-the-dumps bungalow

What I've learned: Norm Abram

The master carpenter shares wisdom he's accrued after 30 years on the show

Price Wise

Low-flow showerheads

Get This Look

Pergola-topped porch


Architectural bird houses

Get Cash Back for Energy-Saving Upgrades

Seven ways to make the most of federal tax credits (while they last)

Hardwood Floors 101

Find the best wood to put underfoot in your house—and ways to take care of it—with our comprehensive guide

Small improvements that make a big difference

Home Solutions

Silence annoying household noises; keep critters out of your house; 10 uses for plastic bags; and more

All Lawns Are Bad and Other Green Myths

Energy vampires? Smelly compost? A 10-topic reality check


Checklist (p. 8)

Easy Ways to Improve Your Home Right Now

7 fall-blooming perennials more

How to flush a water heater more

Removing old toilet seats more

How to fix a sweating toilet tank more

How to unclog a toilet more

How to fix a wobbly toilet more

Letter (p. 13)

Oh, the Horror!

Find out when the new season of TOH airs in your area more

Reader Mail (p. 14)

We Like Hearing From You

All about stone countertops [XLINK {20297326} {more}]

How to make a pot rack from copper pipe more

Pumpkin-carving contest more

Web Highlights (p. 16)


See more great Halloween home stuff more

Pumpkin-carving contest more

Home Solutions (p. 19)

Cures for Creaks

Hush rattling water pipes that run underneath your floor with this easy DIY solution more

Determine the source of your squeaks and follow Tom Silva's simple instructions to step in peace and quiet more

Silence squeaky floors in a snap with our DIY solutions more

TOH offers step-by-step instruction to fix any squeaky floor from above and below more

TOH general contractor Tom Silva answers the best way to get the squeaks out of your floor more

TOH general contractor Tom Silva weighs in on silencing the squeaks in a carpeted floor more

Find sound-deafening solutions for your noisy sump pump, water softener, and furnace with TOH general contractor Tom Silva's expert advice more

Learn how to stop banging metal ductwork in the ceiling of your basement more

10 Uses (p. 22)

Plastic Bags

Learn new ways to use leftover materials more

Before + After: Kitchen (p. 25)

Bold Color Makeover

Pimp my appliance more

Green Myths (p. 40)

A 10-Topic Reality Check

Cure your lawn's addiction to pesticides and other chemicals by going organic more

Easy ways to green your home more

Shopping (p. 43)

Architectural Bird Houses

Watch a step-by-step video and download templates for building your own bird feeder more

Animal House (p. 51)

Feeding Dish

You can construct this feeding station in just one day. Let TOH senior technical editor Mark Powers show you how more

Whaddaya Call It? (p. 55)

Gas Fireplace

Watch a fireplace pro put in a gas unit more

TOH TV (p. 56)

What I've Learned: Norm Abram

Tell us what you've gotten from TOH TV over the years more

Salvage Style (p. 63)

Vintage Porcelain Taps

See more salvage ideas more

In Case of Emergency (p. 67)

Wind Damage

There are a number of extra steps you'll need to combat wind damage. For a complete guide, check out our hurricane preparedness story more

Hardwood Floors 101 (p. 73)

Buying Guide

Install a floating floor more

Lay a cork floor more

Weekend Remodel (p. 89)

Trash Shed

How to build a trash shed more

Ask This Old House (p. 91)


Send your questions to Ask This Old House more

360 ° Makeover (p. 94)

Choose the Right Windows

Save energy and get the historic look you like with tips from our experts more

Reader Remodel (p. 108)

There Were Bullets in the Siding and Bars on the Windows

See tips from our homeowners on adding character without blowing your budget more

Find step-by-step instructions for shellacking more


Eco-Friendly Remodels

TOH's green Austin project more

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