Green Remodeling Ideas

Save money, save energy, and build smart with 53 pages of products & projects for a safer, healthier home


Ask This Old House

Bonus expanded edition: You ask, our experts answer

Skill Building

Cutting glass panes; installing a new stop valve; and more

Norm's Notebook

Tips on using a cabinet scraper from the TOH master carpenter


Find the products and services featured in this issue


The Recycled, Repurposed, Nontoxic House

How one family followed green building principles in the remodel and expansion of their 1940 cottage.

Healthy Home Ingredients

New home products that are smart, earth-friendly, and just plain handsome

Little Things Mean a Lot

22 low-stress steps you can take to create a safer, healthier home and save yourself a few bucks

Sum of Its Parts

Demolishing an old house needn't be a total loss if its period materials are preserved and recycled, piece by piece


Kitchen Design

Opening up a cramped, dated kitchen to the TV room

Around My House

Confessions of an eco-geek


Secrets of a less-lawn yard

Green House

One couple's eco-sensitive, super-efficient, and stylish dream home


Stained-glass windows

Energy Savings

Tighten up with an energy audit


Smarter, healthier choices for all the parts of your house


Unplug your next project: Use hand tools


Spot-repairing shellacked woodwork

Homeowner's Handbook

Replacing a dishwasher

Save This Old House

Oh, the stories this 18th-century tavern in Halifax County, Virginia, could tell...


Bonus Feature (p. 12)

Everyday Green Projects

How-to videos that'll help save water, energy, money, and your family's health more

Water the Lawn With Your Saturday Night Bath (p. 26)

Harvesting Water With Rain Barrels

Learn how to catch and use rainwater [XLINK {1180779} {more}]

Kitchen Design (p. 29)

New Cabinets Not in the Budget? New Paint Is Almost as Good

How to transform your kitchen with a paintbrush more

My Harebrained Green Schemes (p. 35)

New Homeowner Stories

Find new homeowner stories and tell TOH editors your own more

Ending the Turf Wars (p. 39)

Tread On Me

Low-growing, tough-underfoot plants soften the edges of garden paths and patios more

Stylish and Sustainable (p. 45)

Saving Up By Saving Water

Five simple ways for homeowners to save water more

Use Water Wisely more

The Scoop on Solar (p. 48)

Tax Incentives

Get a state-by-state breakdown of incentives more

Divining Uses for Stained Glass (p. 55

Build a Bar Cabinet

Step-by-Step Guide for Building a Stylish Bar Cabinet more

Building a Bar Cabinet Video more

Detecting Drafts (p. 59)

The Newton TV House

See the renovation in real time on the webcams more

Read Paul and Maddy's blog more

Building Green (p. 65)

Forever Green

5 traditional building products boast eco-friendly qualities more

Toolhugger (p. 71)

Heirloom Tools

Tools your kids will fight over when you're dead more

Give it a Shellacking (p. 77)

Face-Lift for an Old Door

A pro's secrets for rejuvenating weather-beaten wood [XLINK {1210355} {more}]

Installing a Dishwasher (p. 81)

How to Replace a Dishwasher

With This Old House plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey more

The Recycled, Repurposed, Nontoxic House (p. 88)

Planning a Green Remodel

Tackling any redo is difficult, but making it an eco-friendly one adds to the challenge more

Healthy Home Ingredients (p. 99)

Green Showrooms

Eco-friendly design ideas and inspiration more

Sum of its Parts (p. 104)


New ideas for using rescued architectural details in your home more

Ask This Old House (p. 112)

More Q&A

Find out how to fix all your house problems more

Skill Building (p. 119)

Adding Shut-Off Valves

Making this simple change will yield a lifetime of convenience and ensure a quick response more

Norm's Notebook (p. 123)

Online Notebook

More tips and techniques from TOH's master carpenter more

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