Guess Who's Coming to Your House?

The fearless experts of This Old House share their wisdom on real homeowner questions


Ask This Old House

Foam and insulation; slow drains; more

Norm's Notebook

Removing broken screws; hanging doors; more


Homeowners Handbook

Installing a Kitchen Sink

This Old House plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey shows how it's done.By Jefferson Kolle

Working It Out

A look at the final plans for the Winchester TV project house.By Jefferson Kolle

A Family Affair

A young couple build an addition with help from their kin.By Mimi Read

Ground Covers

These rugged, low-growing plants can quickly carpet your landscape.By Lynne Ocone

On the Waterfront

A houseboat haven made for modern living.By Jeanne Huber


Six Save This Old House success stories.By Ryan Robbins


On the Job

The TOH crew rolls out a new TV show, Ask This Old House

House Calls With Steve

For a kitchen makeover, style on a shoestring

Letter From This Old House

Richard Trethewey on pipes and progress


Stellar Cellars

Climate-controlled storage units keep wine at its best.By Max Alexander

Talking Shop

Choosing & Using Hand Planes

Few tools are better for smoothing wood.By Clayton DeKorne

By Design

Raising an Eyebrow

A curved window can add elegance to a roofline.By Jefferson Kolle


Remodeling Returns

Renovations that pay you back.By Carl Vogel


True Grit

How to choose the right sandpaper for the job.By Scott Gibson


Backup Power

Standby generators keep electricity flowing.By Zachary Gaulkin


An end-of-season tune-up for power lawn equipment.By Renée Richardson

Need to Know

Stop the Shock

Pressure-balancing valves prevent temperature swings.By Max Alexander

Owner's Manual

Yanking Your Tank

Get rid of that underground oil tank before problems arise.By Joe Carter

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