Get Your Dream Deck

With an outdoor space tailored for cooking, dining and leisure, you'll never want to go back inside


Ask This Old House

Improving bad soil; fixing slippery deck steps; and more QA

Skill Building

Tightening plumbing connections; setting up mason's lines; and more tips

Norm's Notebook

Advice on compressors from TOH master carpenter Norm Abram


Find the products and services featured in this issue


Decks in Detail

Six designs to steal ideas from on siting, materials, railings, lighting, and more for your backyard retreat.

Partners in Grime

Remodeling together is one of the extreme sports of coupledom. Here's how to make sure your team survives it.

The Forever Expanding House

One architect designed and built his own midcentury gem using post-and-beam construction that made adding on easy.

Put Your Driveway Into Overdrive

Dress up a boring asphalt drive with a granite-block apron.

Little Green Giant

Walk through the finished TOH TV project and review the lessons it demonstrates in eco-friendly remodeling.


A gracious host kitchen with old-house character

Replacing a sun-scorched deck with a three-season screened porch

Stone veneer

Around My House

How hard could it be, really, to finish a project? One man's rationalizations


Carved wood corbels


If you're dreaming of buying a vacation home, read this first

Green House

Making the switch to natural lawn care

Is Internet-based phone service for you?

Air compressors


Repairing stucco siding

How It Works

Solar hot water systems

Homeowner's Handbook

Replacing a bathroom faucet

Save This Old House

This brick Second Empire home awaits your interior-finishing genius


Bonus Features (p. 14)

Win 25,000 For Your Next Project

This Old House magazine invites you to enter for a chance to win 25,000 toward your next home improvement project....more

Bonus Features (p. 14)

Live from the Kitchen & Bath Show

We bring them to you, up-to-the-minute and live from the floor of the kitchen and bath industry's annual show....more

Bonus Features (p. 14)

Fix Everything

How to handle squeaky floors, sticky doors, cracked plaster, broken tile, stained stone, stuck wallpaper, and hundreds of other problems....more

Home Inspection Nightmares

The best of the worst home inspection discoveries, courtesy of the June 2006 ASHI Reporter....[XLINK {26653} {more}]

Bonus Features (p. 14)

The Austin Project: After

The Texas bungalow gets an environmentally friendly renovation and earns a 5-star rating from the local Green Building Program....more

Kitchen Design (p. 33)

Molding: A Case For Doors

Mix and match stock trim to create stylish surround....more

Porch Design (p. 41)

Breezy Retreat

How to cut costs on a new three-season porch: Build it from screen doors with panels that swap out for glass....more

Screening Rooms

Screened porches don't have to be ordinary....more

Lite Rock (p. 47)

Stone Faced

Rock veneer adds depth and texture to walls, foundations, and chimneys...more

Vintage Brackets With Style (p. 59)

Grotesques and Gargoyles

Find out what makes them so significant, and spooky...more

The Perfect Getaway (p. 63)

Closing Your Vacation Home for the Season

It was a blast relaxing in your home away from home but now it's time to winterize it. Here are the steps you need to take....more

Green Acres (p. 67)

Local Composting

Composting programs in your area...more

Tips on Brewing and Using Compost Tea....more

Cutting the Cord (p. 73)

Connected Cameras

Thanks to the Internet, you can keep watch on your house from anywhere...more

Blow Out (p. 79)

Put Your Compressor to Work

Hanging a tin ceiling:...more

Hanging a beadboard ceiling:...more

Stucco Repair (p. 85)

Stucco Styles

Check out a variety of different stucco textures....more

Green Resources

Find manufacturers and installers for going solar...[XLINK {1583094} {more}]

Replacing a Bathroom Faucet (p. 97)

The Facts On Faucets

How to tell well-made sink, tub and shower fittings from the polished pretenders...more

Decks in Detail (p. 104)

Building a Safe Deck

A deck can handle even the rowdiest gang of fraternity brothers as long as the beam that carries the floor joists is properly bolted to the side of the house. Unlike bolts, nails can pull out Ñ and without warning....more

Partners in Grime (p. 113)

52 Skills You Need to Survive Homeownership

From pulling nails without denting trim to getting a big paint spill off your carpet, we've got the tips you need....more

Share the Pain

Give and get advice on getting through a remodel with your relationships in tact....more

The Forever Expanding House (p. 116)

Framing That Is as Innovative as Exterior Treatments

New technology and techniques allow for higher ceilings, larger open spaces, and even cantilevered rooms....more

Laying a Flagstone Path

Roger Cook demonstrates how to layout out and install a stone walkway....[XLINK {1192710} {more}]

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