Secrets of a Great Lawn

Nurture the green space around your home with nature's help and the right equipment


Kitchen & Bath Special

Discover the wonders of a concrete counter and a limestone shower. Dig into the internal architecture of a top-quality cabinet and a $1,000 dishwasher. And scrutinize a selection of sexy bath sinks.

Covered Bridge

The master practitioner of a quintessentially American and almost forgotten craft rebuilds a 45-ton wooden masterpiece spanning the Auchumpkee Creek near Thomaston, Georgia. By Brad Lemley

This Old House, 27 Stories High

The magazine's hunt for new offices ended at a raw, concrete space in a Manhattan skyscraper. Then came the hard part: making a sterile box feel like a place youíd want to spend 10 hours as day. By Jack McClintock

Gorgeous Grass

Growing a lawn to greatness doesn't require inundating it with pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. Nurtured with nature's help, grass can thrive-and the dog can roll around on it without getting sick. By Claudia Glenn Dowling

An American Craftsman

For stone carver Manuel Palos, a slab of marble or limestone may contain a beautiful woman, a roaring lion or a fire-belching dragon that only he can see until he starts chiseling away. By Walt Harrington

Bocce in the Blood

After discovering bocce, a sport that is centuries old and that can be played by almost anybody at any age, a Boston-area clan builds a backyard court that becomes a focal point of family get-togethers. By Jeanne Huber

Park Place

A young couple — with the help of the crew of This Old House — discover the secret to nirvana in San Francisco by turning their basement into a much coveted two-car garage. By Jack McClintock


The backyard domiciles that dads build can range from charming junior cottages to improvised plywood lean-tos, but they all feel like mansions to the kids who take them over. At least that's what the dads hope. By Stephen Harrigan

The Poster: PVC

Polyvinyl chloride — a plastic that's light, cheap and strong — has proved the greatest boom to plumbing since the Egyptians first laid copper pipes. Come to think of it, PVC may even outlast the pyramids. By Peter Jensen

Around the house


Walkie-talkin Real Ranch Styles Hose Tamers Hammer Heads Up A Simple Shed Happenings Pop Tools Climbing The Walls

Off The Wall

Pulling Together

In the Amish barn-raising spirit, some friends tackle a yard full of weeds — with the help of beer, volleyball and whoopie pies. By Jeanne Marie Laskas

Power Tool

Whacking Tall

String trimmers slash errant grass mercilessly and, with attachments, tackle snow, leaves and hedges with earsplitting zeal. By Mark Feirer


Just Add Water

Bag concrete makes whipping up just a smidgen of cement as easy as a baking a cake from a box devilís food mix. By Wendy Marston

Hand Tool

Ratcheting Up

Mechanical screwdivers provide more torque than their brutish predecessors-and an all-but-lost tactile connection. By Jeff Taylor


Media Blitz

Part movie theater, part fortress, a well designed media room is so much fun that you may never leave the house again. By Curtis Rist


Deal Busters

You have a signed contract, but beware. Don't count on owning the house until the keys and deed are in your hand. By Maury Stettner


Doors of Perception

Don't see a door, see a doorway, then all who pass through will pick up on the emotional tenor of a room. By Dennis Wedlick

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