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Q + A

Thin a chubby shrub; level a slab floor; deal with dryer lint; and more


Repointing a brick wall

Norm's tricks of the trade

Cut bolts down to size; steam out dents in pine; join the ends of clapboard siding

reader tool test

Cordless jigsaws

Q + A

Thin a chubby shrub; level a slab floor; deal with dryer lint; and more


Repointing a brick wall

Norm's tricks of the trade

Cut bolts down to size; steam out dents in pine; join the ends of clapboard siding

reader tool test

Cordless jigsaws

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before + after: kitchen

The union of two rooms turned a dark and dreary kitchen into a cheery, open gathering spot

making room

A finished attic yielded a cozy bedroom suite and led to a fine-tuning that makes the most of a small house

smart storage solutions

Use clever built-ins to carve out places to store your stuff

Photoshop redo

A full-length front porch and Adirondack-style details spruce up a rustic cabin

branching out

Make your own twig trellises to prop up plants and enhance your yard

woodwork refresher course

Let a pro refinisher's tips, tools, and techniques help you put a fresh face on weary-looking millwork upgrades


Get a look inside a 105-year-old Renaissance Revival rowhouse filled with original woodwork upgrades


Victorian-style lav faucets

price wise

Bronze ring door knockers

get this look

Country-style potting room

build it or buy it

Paneled mailbox posts

all about

Wood entry doors

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salvage style

Give reclaimed wood balusters new supporting roles as table legs or candlesticks

whaddaya call it

Get to know your electrical receptacle

weekend remodel

Easy-to-install crown molding

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Readermail (p. 7)

Ladder Safety

Get a complete guide to ladder safety [XLINK {20258086} {more}]

Proper ladder placement [XLINK {20258566} {more}]

Ladder accessories [XLINK {20258709} {more}]

Checklist (p. 9)

Plant Your Victory Garden

Get tips on prepping a garden bed for veggies [XLINK {455149} {more}]

Repair Cracked Shingles

If your roof needs a major mending, learn how to tackle it [XLINK {219567} {more}]

Prep the Play Area

Build a tree swing with your kids [XLINK {20195836} {more}]

Bonus (p. 10)

Watch How-To Videos on Demand

Download videos to your mobile device [XLINK {http://www.podcastgo.com/thisoldhouse} {more}]

Money-Saving Bonus

Slash electric and water bills. Save on long-lasting bath materials [XLINK {http://www.thisoldhouse.com/save-money} {more}]

Time-Saving Tip

Strip hardware[EMDASH]with a slow cooker [XLINK {20055784} {more}]

Letter (p. 11)

"Chew Your Milk" and Other Advice

Submit your story ideas, tips, money-saving tricks, and photos of your own remodels [XLINK {http://thisoldhouse.com/yourTOH} {more}]

Home News (p. 14)

Basements Are Back

Ideas for sprucing up your house's subterranean space [XLINK {1577298} {more}]

Cleaner Cuts

Get more tool coverage [XLINK {http://hardwareaisle.thisoldhouse.com/} {more}]

10 Uses (p. 18)

Carpet Scraps

Tell us how you put scrap materials to work, and your tips may appear in our June Reader-Created Issue [XLINK {https://youroldhouse.thisoldhouse.com/tips/index.jsp} {more}]

Starter Kit (p. 20)

Everything You Need to Rewire a Light Fixture

Read a step-by-step story on how to swap an existing light for a vintage fixture [XLINK {20058662} {more}]

Before + After: Kitchen (p. 25)

Be in TOH

Send us before-and- after photos, and you might end up in our June Reader-Created Issue [XLINK {http://www.thisoldhouse.com/yourTOH} {more}]

Kitchen Office

Seven clever and storage-packed kitchen offices [XLINK {1611513} {more}]

Shopping (p. 29)

Victorian-Style Lav Faucets

Learn how to install a new faucet [XLINK {1615503} {more}]

[ITALIC "TOH"] TV (p. 37)

From the TOH TV Pros

Learn how to properly shellac woodwork [XLINK {20073232} {more}]

Photoshop Redo (p. 41)

Let's Redo Your House

Get your home a makeover in our special Reader-Created Issue in June [XLINK {http://www.thisoldhouse.com/yourTOH} {more}]

Salvage Style (p. 45)

Fix Wood Finishes

Learn to make tiny dents, divots, and scratches in furniture disappear [XLINK {432209} {more}]

Discount for TOH Users

Get 25 percent off a salvaged stair part kit to make this table (call or email and mention the TOH discount) [XLINK {http://caravatis.com/} {more}]

Whaddayacallit? (p. 49)

Inside the Outlet

Learn how to install a GFCI receptacle [XLINK {216665} {more}]

Build It or Buy It (p. 50)

Paneled Mailbox Post

See [ITALIC "TOH"] landscape contractor Roger Cook install a post [XLINK {20052346} {more}]

See more post-mount mailboxes [XLINK {20216972} {more}]

Weekend Remodel (p. 52)

Install Easy Crown Molding

Watch a video of this weekend remodel [XLINK {20259571} {more}]

How to put in crown molding [XLINK {214981} {more}]

How to install crown molding [XLINK {1016651} {more}]

Crown molding forms [XLINK {1221648} {more}]

How to cut miters [XLINK {1630892} {more}]

Crown molding materials [XLINK {20171834} {more}]

How to cope a joint for crown molding [XLINK {1632379} {more}]

Making Room (p. 72)

Show Us

Send us before- and-after photos and you might see your home in our Reader-Created Issue in June [XLINK {http://www.thisoldhouse.com/yourTOH} {more}]

Branching Out (p. 78)

Show Us

Got a winning landscape makeover to share? Send us before-and-after photos, and you might see it in our special June Reader-Created Issue [XLINK {http://www.thisoldhouse.com/yourTOH} {more}]

Smart Storage Solutions (p. 84)

Send Pics

Show us your best storage solution and it might appear in our special Reader-Created Issue [XLINK {http://www.thisoldhouse.com/yourTOH} {more}]

How Long Can Your Shelves Go?

Find out with the Sagulator calculator [XLINK {http://www.woodbin.com/calcs/sagulator.htm} {more}]

All About Wood Entry Doors (p. 92)

Tell Us

What do you want to know All About? Your idea might be featured in our special Reader-Created Issue [XLINK {http://www.thisoldhouse.com/yourTOH} {more}]

Hang It Yourself

Tom Silva shows how to install an exterior door [XLINK {1630878} {more}]

Ask This Old House (p. 101)


Send your questions to Ask This Old House [XLINK {http://www.thisoldhouse.com/asktoh} {more}]

Question of the Month (p. 104)

Brick Wall Crumbling

Crumbling mortar [XLINK {537457} {more}]

Insulating brick walls [XLINK {452940} {more}]

Insulating a brick house [XLINK {237906} {more}]

Brick facing [XLINK {354390} {more}]

Using brick veneer [XLINK {203674} {more}]

Installing a metal bracket for a flag into brick [XLINK {782282} {more}]

Mounting a window box on brick [XLINK {475705} {more}]

Cleaning paint and smoke from brick [XLINK {192837} {more}]

Cleaning plaster off brick [XLINK {350018} {more}]

Fireplace face-lift [XLINK {216396} {more}]

Whitewashing red brick [XLINK {227870} {more}]

Leaning chimney [XLINK {362080} {more}]

Dusty brick wall [XLINK {320662} {more}]

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