Secrets of Smart Remodeling

Get the results you want the smart way, not the hard way


Ask This Old House

Windproof pergola; cabling a splitting tree; and more Q&A

Skill Building

Wood countertop care; drilling perfect holes for drawer pulls

Norm's Notebook

Screwdriver do's and don'ts from TOH Master carpenter Norm Abram

Resource Directory

Find the products and services featured in this issue


Small Wonder

From the outside, this 1880s farmhouse kept a modest profile; inside is an updated space with traditional charm

Molding: A Case for Doors

How to mix and match moldings to build classic casings and trimwork

Short-Order Nooks

Professional tips for cooking up a kitchen office

Lost and Found

Old houses hold the archaeology of their previous dwellers

Little Ways to Save Big

A tour through TOH TV's finished project house reveals lessons in creative cost-saving


Kitchen Design

A redo that keeps the footprint but adds useful storage and timeless style


Stylish cabinet pulls like these are the easiest way to perk up a tired kitchen

Basement Design

Making raw below-ground space into a cozy family room and guest quarters

House Calls

Planning ahead with unversal design

Green House

Practical lessons in eco-friendly remodeling from TOH TV's new project


How to keep your hedges handsome


10 tomes every homeowner should have


Today's screwdrivers throw new twists into an old tool

Homeowner's Handbook

Installing a recessed medicine cabinet

Save This Old House

This Indiana Italianate only needs some interior TLC


Bonus Features (10)

95+ Free Video Lessons

On everything from unclogging a drain to installing crown molding, courtesy of the experts....more

Norm Abram Goes to Texas

See him and the rest of the TOH crew in Austin for an eco-friendly bungalow redesign....[XLINK {26653} {more}]

Yard and Garden

Backyards built for play and more, all with essential design tips....[XLINK {26653} {more}]

Bonus Features (p. 10)

Coming Soon: Spring Into Action

Rehab your rain gutters, tune up your sliding doors, and make those windows sparkle. Get your house in shape for the indoor-outdoor season....more Sign up for our monthly Yard & Garden Newsletter....more

Mail (p. 16)

Lonely in N.Y.

Can you help this woman make Mr. Handyman, Mr. Familyman too?....more

Kitchen Design (p. 29)

Design Ideas

From islands to counters to lighting, get great ideas for your kitchen remodel....more

Getting a Handle on Hardware

6 tips for installing this necessity....[XLINK {1533921} {more}]

House Calls (p. 39)

Tailor-Fit Kitchens

Some universal ways to make your kitchen suit you and the way you live....more

Planning a Green Remodel (p. 43)

Time-lapse Images....more Construction With a Conscience....more

Hedging Your Best (p. 49)

A Private Matter

Turn your yard into a secluded haven without giving your neighbors the cold shoulder....more

You've Bought the House, Now Read the Book (p. 55)

Need a place to tuck these tomes?

Learn how to build a bookshelf....more

Good Drivers (p. 59)

Taking Care of Tools: Norm's love for the Yankee Driver, and his tips on rust prevention....more All About Bits: Norm's tips on pre-drilling before screwing....more

Coming Soon: Cutting Holes in Plaster?

How to cut an opening without causing damage....more

Small Wonder (p. 76)

House-Part Recycling Centers

These home-improvement meccas give precious house parts a second chance....more

Creating an Archway

Add distinction to any room with this prefab archway kit....[XLINK {219313} {more}]

Welcome to the Clubhouse (p. 93)

Fortresses of Solitude

We take you inside the tricked-out lairs our superheroic fans have built for themselves....more

Short-Order Nooks (p. 100)

Editors' Picks: Our Favorite Home Offices Ever

Study up on the home offices we consider the cream of the crop....more

Digging History

What to do if you think your yard is a prime spot for an archeological dig....[XLINK {1586318} {more}]

Little Ways to Save Big (p. 112)

The East Boston House

See before images of this TOH TV project house in East Boston and watch time-lapse images of the renovation....more

Workshop (p. 119)

Coming Soon: Workshop Openers Gallery

View every workshop opener photo that has appeared in This Old House magazine....more

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