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Making An Overhead Storage Rack

Overhead storage solutions for long pipe and bar clamps

Rack 'em up
Photo by Narda Lebo

Long pipe clamps and bar clamps are indispensable for many repair jobs and woodworking projects. However, it's not always easy to find a place to neatly store the clamps and keep them within reach. Here's one solution: Make an overhead storage rack from common pipe parts.

Go to a hardware store or home center and buy two 10-in.-long pieces of ½-in.-dia. black iron pipe; the pipes should be threaded on both ends. Also pick up two ½-in.-dia. end caps and a pair of pipe flanges.

Attach each flange with one screw to an overhead beam or joist. Then slip a ¼-in.-thick shim under the bottom edge of each flange. That will tip back the rack and help prevent the clamps from sliding off. Drive in the remaining screws.

Finally, tighten an end cap onto each pipe section and thread the pipes into the flanges.

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Rack 'Em Up


Rack 'Em Up

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Illustration by Narda Lebo

Rack 'Em Up


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