18 Easy Ideas For Your Outdoor Rooms


Ask This Old House

Windowsill repair; tiling over brick, and more Q&A with our experts

Skill Building

Rewiring old ceiling fixtures; painting shutters, and more lessons

Norm's Notebook

Tips on use and care of Japanese saws from the TOH master carpenter


Find the products and services


Get Out and Stay Out

More than TTTTT— a dozen great ideas for extending your living space into the open air

One couple's odyssey of forsaking a comfortable 1990s house for a crumbling 18th-century farmstead

Go Outside and Play

How an overgrown, unused backyard can become a sports lover's heaven

Picking Out Good Wood

Let TOH master carpenter Norm Abram help you shop the lumberyard like you know what you're doing

Outside In

A box-bay bumpout seen in TOH set off a storm of inspiration for this vintage-look kitchen redo


Gaining workspace by annexing a breakfast nook and a laundry area


Shutters that sharpen curb appeal


Put together a lush container garden


Hang a vintage light fixture

Around My House

A first-time homeowner's nightmare

House Calls

An architect's advice for doing dormers right

Builders' Show Report

Our top picks of the latest toys, tools, and trends for the home


Japanese handsaws

Homeowner's Handbook

Building a fountain

Save This Old House

This 1852 Italianate in New York's Finger Lakes region is neglected but proud


Bonus Features (p. 9)

This Old House on TV: The Newton House Project

Where is the TOH crew working this season? What style house is it? Who are the homeowners? What is our experts' plan? Get behind the scenes!....more

Foolproof Tool Guide

See the saws, chose among the chisels, drill through the drill bits, and more. Hundreds of photos with useful information on the tools you need in your workshop from TOH master carpenter Norm Abram....[XLINK {26653} {more}]

Troubleshoot Your Turf for the Greenest, Lushest Lawn Ever

Learn how to seed the grass, irrigate the soil, fight the weeds, and groom the growth....[XLINK {26653} {more}]

Bonus Features (from Sports Illustrated)

Len Barker Profile:

TOH's 6-Point Plan for Getting the Best Pros Around....more

Thisoldhouse.com house ad in Father's Day Guide:

Learn how to be your own medicine-cabinet macgyver with 20+ household fixes using bathroom junk!....more Get things that will make your neighbors jealous....more Watch how-to videos of other guys doing work all day long....more

Father's Day Gift Guide:

How to go cordless for less....more

Central Air-Conditioning:

Save energy by installing a programmable thermostat....[XLINK {1181564} {more}]

Stains and scratches in stone countertops need not be permanent Mix and match stock trim to create stylish surround....[XLINK {202058} {more}]

Repairing and Rehanging Exterior Shutters

Watch as This Old House general contractor Tom Silva demonstrates how....[XLINK {1185472} {more}]

Planting in Pots (p. 37)

Plans for 10 Container Gardens

We've got a container garden idea for just about anyone wanting to bring nature a little closer to the house....more

10 Energy-Saving Bulbs

Compact flourescents save big money and look good doing it....more

Not Too Slick (p. 43)

Share the Pain

Give and get advice on getting through a remodel with your relationships in tact....more

Adding Dormers (p. 50)

Dormer Types

As architectural styles have shifted, architects and builders have invented more ways to build dormers, the little rooms that project from a roof and allow more space and light in the top floor or attic....more

Cool, New, and Headed to You

Product Explosion!

Our exclusive list of the coolest new tools, materials and products from the International Builders Show. Best New Tools....more Best New Doors and Windows....more Best New Storage Solutions....more Best New Kitchen Products....more Best New Bath Products....more Best New Products to Make Your Neighbors Jealous....more Best New Products You Can See....more Best New Products You Can't See....more

Zen and the Art of Sawing Wood (p. 63)

Making the Cut

Choosing and using handsaws....more

Building a Fountain (p. 67)

Don't Just Jump into a Water Feature

Fountains, ponds, even faux streams are great additions. Just consider resource maintenance before you build....more

Get Out and Stay Out (p. 75)

Editors' Picks: Our Favorite Outdoor Spaces Ever

From backyards to front yards, pools to tree houses, here are the places where we dream we can sit back and relax in the great outdoor....more

Outdoor Kitchen Components

Just in time for the weekend, a gallery of all-weather luxuries guaranteed to turn any outdoor kitchen into hangout central. Plus, our exclusive TOH cocktail, the Rhum Repair....more

Design Your Outdoor Kitchen

We've found great design ideas for budgets that run from modest to Hollywood....more

Out of the New, Into the Old (p. 81)

The Carlisle House

A celebration of This Old House's 25th-anniversary remodel,from start to spectacular show-house finish, with 21 need-to-know lessons for every homeowner....more

Go Outside and Play (p. 89)

Backyard from Scratch

7 features that will transform a plain stretch of lawn into a lush landscape you'll really use and enjoy....more

Outside In (p. 113)

Hidden Assets

The newest kitchen storage solutions put every inch of cabinet space to work....more

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