Backyard Design Guide

Your home doesn't stop at the door. Take your renovations to the next level with stylish outdoor kitchen ideas and the best new grills


Ask This Old House

Building concrete piers in wet soil; hanging a tree swing; and more Q&A

Building Skills

Cutting mortises with a drill; moving large rocks; troubleshooting a mower

Norm's Notebook

TOH master carpenter Norm Abram's tips on using drill bits

Resource Directory

Find the products and services featured in this issue


Inside the Outdoor Kitchen

Whether simple or sumptuous, outdoor kitchens are hot. Here's our practical advice for building your own

See Spot Shower

We found these unique, convenient built-ins that make home life happier for pets and their humans

Stone, Step by Step

Learn how TOH's Roger Cook and crew build a stone patio and stairs on a seaside hill

A Capital Improvement

After TOH's three-month collaboration with a nonprofit renovation group, here's the final reveal on a reborn urban ruin

Crafted to Last

A Shingle-style new old house replaces a tired lakeside teardown


Bath Design

Raising the roof to make room for a master bath

House Calls

Jazz up a boring, straight driveway


Garden containers that make a statement


Fix what's ailing your lawn

Around My House

Dad's garage was a home for misfit tools


What to look for in a vintage bathtub

Green House

Solar Shingles put the sun to work


How to challenge your property taxes


Our starting lineup of the drill bits every homeowner should have


Replacing broken clapboard siding


Goof Proof Paint-Picking (p. 6)

TOH Digital Designer

Use our new This Old House Digital Designer tool to test different color combos on sample rooms or your own home....more

Watch Video of Our Inspection of Project House Candidates

We looked in the Boston area for our fall '06 project house, and, for the first time, we taped general contractor Tom Silva visiting some of the top candidates....[XLINK {1173993} {more}]

Winning Designs (p. 6)

Photo Galleries

View inspiring kitchens, baths, product showcases, and more. New galleries added every week!....more

A Guy and His Grill (p. 11)

Melt in Your Mouth

Pump up the grill thrill with Steven Raichlen's all-purpose, no-fail, finger-licking-good marinade, just for TOH readers....more

Adding a Bath Without Adding On (p. 29)

Making the Pieces Fit

Some help with solving the bath design puzzle....more

Room for Two

An architect's strategies for shared baths that work....more

How Can I Make the Driveway and Garage Doors Less of a Focal Point? (p. 35)

A New Generation of Garage Doors

These aren't the garage doors you threw a ball against as a kid....more

Planters with Punch (p. 39)

Putting Your Garden in Pots

We've got advice and how-to tips for bringing a garden to your door....moreAmerican Horticultural Society....more

Troubleshoot Your Turf (p. 48)

The War on Weeds

How to identify and get rid of the most common weeds in your lawn....more

Working the Bugs Out

A safe and effective system to control the plant-eating pests in your yard....more

National Coalition Against the Misuse of Pesticides

Organic pest control....more

Traditional Tubs (p. 57)

The Facts On Faucets

How to tell well-made sink, tub and shower fittings from the polished pretenders....more

Solar Shingles (p. 61)

The Database of State Incentives for Renewable Energy (DSIRE) is a comprehensive source of information on state, local, utility, and selected federal incentives that promote renewable energy....more

Property Tax Assessment (p. 65)

National Taxpayers Union brochure on how to fight property taxes....more

Drill Bits are Boring (p. 69)

Boring Large Holes in Tile

Use a small drill bit to help you create a large opening in ceramic tile....more

Patching Wood Siding (p. 78)

Hanging Clapboard Siding

Tom Silva's step-by-step method for hanging clapboard to keep it level and watertight....more

Hanging an Interior Door (p. 81)

The Beauty of Glass Door Knobs

How to use vintage knobs to give interior doors a classic look....more

Put a Dream Grill in Your Outdoor Kitchen

Here are the top-of-the-line charcoal, gas, and electric cookers....[XLINK {638010} {more}]

See Spot Shower (p. 94)

Three Pet Projects

Pets love messing with our furniture. So maybe it's time to build them some furniture of their own....more

A Capital Improvement (p. 107)

The Washington D.C. House webcams

Time-lapse archives....more

Stone, Step by Step (p. 100)

Cleaning Stained Patio Brick

Solutions for moss, mildew, and other unsightly marks....more

The Shingle Style: A Truly American Invention

In the late 19th century, as industry took hold of America's cities, many Americans found solitude in a new, more natural architecture....[XLINK {214848} {more}]

Sports Illustrated Homeowner: Carmelo Anthony

The Principles of Smart Closet Design

You can think of a closet as a really tiny room for clothes hangers, but why cheat yourself?....more

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